Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trip to PA 2: Brielle was in town!

A fer weekends ago, we went to PA to visit with family. My cousin Brielle was in town, it was my cousin Matt's birthday AND my Grandparent's wedding anniversary. I briefly spoke to my Aunt Reenie and Uncle Jim (over skype). They are on a mission in Africa and asked me to take a bunch of pictures. Well... here they are!

Cousins... all grown up!

We wanted to get a picture of all of the kids with their Great Grandparents. It took a few shots!

It was suprisingly difficult to get this shot!

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mj said...

These pictures are wonderful.I know Jim & Reenie will love them. You sure can tell who belongs to Brielle. Such adorable children. Quinn sure us lucky to have such a bib family. Can't wait to see you.