Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This Valentine's Day Dan spoiled me rotten. (and I am loving it!!)
Since we are a wee bit tight with money, I often go without my "wants" (and honestly sometimes needs). I don't mind, honestly. But, this Valentine's Day Dan told me that he wanted to spoil me and give me what I always deserve.

He got me a new pair of brown boots, a new pair of sneakers, a new pair of light brown heels, and two new pairs of heels. He also got me two new Vera card wallets AND an awesome set of Vera stationary. Then he got me a perfect dress from DownEast that I have wanted - it looks so good on too! He also got me some lovely flowers. They are lilies, sunflowers, roses, and some other little pink and white wild flowers that smell so nice.

Then, to top it all off- today he came home from work with a new laptop!! I am on it right now. I am so happy. We moved all of our exercise equipment into the guest room and therefore don't have room for a computer desk in there anymore. So the big old computer was on the dining table and we were eating on our small kitchen table. Now I can just use this laptop to do all of my school work. We can have our table back and we can finally drop those extra 15 that we gained while quitting smoking. yeah!

Boy, I am so lucky to have such a great husband.

Monday, February 15, 2010

60 years.

A weeks ago Dan's MomMom and PopPop celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary!
It is so impressive and inspiring. When Dan and I celebrate our 60th, he will be one month away from 90 and I will be 84. Dan's family had a wonderful celebration in honor of their day. We had great company and food!

We tried to get some pictures too! This is MomMom and PopPop and most of their GreatGrandkids.

This is most of the whole group

At the celebration, Quinn's cousin Michaela sang a lovely version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She has a GREAT voice. I got a small clip of it.

Then Quinn had to follow and sing her own dedication. Quinn walked up to the mic. (I was SO nervous as to what she was going to say) and she said "I don't think that my voice will work" (cause she was nervous) and then she decided to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"- well, her own version of it because she was a wee bit nervous.
In the clip you get to hear her sing "In all the world, In all the stars twinkling". (and then my battery died)

Friday, February 12, 2010

my big girl

Quinn just came up to me, clasped her hands together, and said, "The thing aboh Gilbert is that sometimes he jus wans ta play all of tha time with me and I am tryin to do my work books. He is jus a silly willy tha likes to bodder me when I don't wan ta play. sometimes tha happens an I don' wan ta play, ya know?".

Seriously, she is so grown up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quinn's Pictures

Quinn got a digital camera from Santa this year.

She has taken 100s of pictures. Unfortunately, most of them are so dark and blurry that we can't tell what it is. She pushes down on the button so hard that she grunts a little and her fingers shake! With that being said- here is her first gallery!
Kitchen Wall

Daddy - being silly

and PopPop

Interchangeable dressing teddy magnets

and a close up of Grumpy Bear

Momma cooking with Gilbert watching

Momma- when she had pink eye!

Momma doing the dishes

Daddy's 'tar
Surprise Attack on Momma
Daddy's foot

Surprise attack on Daddy

Monday, February 1, 2010


Yesterday we all went to Uncle Richie's house to celebrate my Dad's 53rd birthday. We had a great time- for some reason I didn't take any pictures though :(

On the way home Quinn and I were talking about how when she is fully potty trained she will be able to go to "dance school". This has worked as an incentive many times before. We talk about all of the cute dresses and shoes that she might wear. We discuss how she will wear her hair and meet new little friends.

This time was different though. When I told Quinn yesterday about dance school she was quiet.

Then she asked me in a super shy voice if she could go to "rock and roll school".
I asked her to repeat what she said and she replied that she "wanted to learn to play a 'tar ".

I almost started to cry. I know it might not seem like a lot but I LOVE seeing what Quinn wants to do, what her interests are. I love that she was nervous to ask to do something other than what I though she wanted- but still did. She has her own interests and wants to express herself.

Dan and I are already looking into getting her a little 'tar of her own. For a while Dan can teach her. He is so talented and it will be a fun activity for them. Plus, this way we can see exactly how interested she is in learning- after all, she is only 3