Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trip to PA 1: Rachel's Graduation!!

My sister (in-law) graduated from her LPN program in August. She worked really hard to reach this goal. Not only was she in this nursing program but she also worked full time at Lancaster General Hospital's ER. She was a wife and a mother of 4!
Dan took the day off to make sure that he would be able to watch Rachel's graduation. While she complained about the outfits, I think that they are so cute! I do have to admit though, it was super hard to take any decent pictures in the dark auditorium.

Since I have to have a little bit of Quinn in every post:
These two little girls were so cute together.
Quinn and her cousin Zoey!


emlizalmo said...

Wow...good for her!

mj said...

Oh my goodness, this uniform brings back memories.We always wore a white dress, cap and swirling cape.(of course white shoes and hose) Congrats to your sister-in-law.How did she do it with four kids?

Anonymous said...

I did it with such great family like Dan and Michele. Thanks again for the tribute to my year of torture. Thank goodness I never have to wear that uniform again. LOL