Monday, September 7, 2009

My birthday- from Quinn

She wasn't kidding.

Don't you just love the tattoo sleeves? (or checkered sunglasses? or lovely/bright pink hat?!?!)
They fit Quinn as leg warmers.

and what about this awesome hat with the feather???

She did also get me plastic dinosaurs which as soon as I opened them she asked to play with. haha. I love my little girl. She got me everything that she loves. To her, it was the best stuff ever. and to me, well...
it made me smile.


mj said...

Isn't it wonderful how excited they get when they are giving ? Maybe she got this trait from your Mom. The last picture just makes me smile and want to squeeze her.

emlizalmo said...

Wow...Dan is awesome! Hereally let Quinn do ALL the choosing, didn't he? I love it. Looks like she had a great day on your birthday! :) Love you guys.