Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quinn Video

Our little girl is growing up...

A special Happy Birthday to Gramma Dee Dee!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mini Photo SHOOT!

Quinn is really starting to make some funny faces. She is such a firecracker.
Quinn was playing in her bouncy seat and well, she looked so stinking cute!
It is strange because I don't really think that Quinn looks like me at all but in the 3rd picture down~ she looks exactly like I used to... or well, atleast to me.

My little TV lovin baby
(the funny thing is that she doesn't like shows, just commercials. She loves jingles)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

9 Month Visit!

Quinn had her 9 month Dr check up yesterday. Wow, she is growing up so quickly. She weighed in at 17lbs 11oz and she is now 27 inches long! Dr. M was please with how active she is getting so no physical therapy yet! yah-hoo!!!! Quinn is rolling from front to back AND back to front. She is sort of "swimming" on her tummy now and reaching for stuff all the time. However, she still won't apply any pressure to her legs at all. none. She is just unwilling. So we have to get an ultrasound of her hips and make sure that they are ok. Dr M thinks that she just prefers to be balled up and since all of her fat lines (rolls) are symmetrical, she thinks that her hips are ok BUT it is better to just get them checked out now.

Check out my little reader!!

Her HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE-for-AGE Percentile is 75. It started below the -5% so... she surely is catching up!

Her LENGTH-for-AGE Percentile is 25. Once again, this started below the -5%

Quinn's WEIGHT-for-LENGTH Percentile is 50. This one she started out in the 10% and has slowly grown a little faster than the curve.

And Lastly, Quinn's WEIGHT-for-AGE Percentile is 25. This one she started out at -15% and on the chart, it almost looks like a line straight up. (not too much of a curve) After all, she did have some catching up to do.

While I realize all of her percentiles are low... I am just completely pleased that she is

1. on the chart

2. growing in a nice little manner
She really is starting to look proportioned and not so "baby" like.

YAY! Playtime!!!

During the visit with Dr M, she checked Quinny's gums and still... nothing. (even though she has been drooling like a St. Bernard) We had to go down to the lab to get some blood tests for her and she started crying. NONSTOP! This is pretty unlike Quinn but we thought that maybe she was just tired. So 5 minutes later we are in the lab and she is still going nuts. I gave her some juice and she wouldn't even take that. As soon as we looked in her mouth, there it was. HER FIRST TOOTH!! She JUST got a tooth in the 5 minutes that it took for us to go down to the lab. Crazy! We ran in to Dr M and told her and she was just so happy. She said that it has never happened to her before that a baby actually GETS a tooth while at her office.

Ok, so I know you can't see it... but this is as good as it gets right now. She is rubbing her tongue all over it so getting a picture is kind of tough.

We love our little Quinny!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Flooring Extravaganza!

Our kitchen was just the most horrible room ever... in any house... ever. Well, after some tlc and a lot of elbow grease, it is starting to get nicer. The kitchen floor was one thing that was just super disgusting. It HAD vinyl roll .

We pulled it up with gloves on our hands

and a saw to cut it into sections for easier removal.

Then we had a buddy of ours (Keith) come over and help us lay the new cork flooring.

The underlayment is also cork and it looks like a cork board.

Dan is showing off our new flooring plank. 1x3 ft and oh so lovely!
When you lay them down, they sort of snap into place. Like tongue and groove pergo flooring

And TAH DAH! all done! The boys did a great job and Dan got to play with his miter saw :) Everyone is happy.

June 30

We have had so much going on recently. Dan has been super busy with work and I have been busy getting my new schedule together for Univ. of Baltimore. I will be going full time and taking 5 classes. (4 online and 1 at the school)
We have still been making more improvements on the house and well, I think it is starting to turn around. On June 30th Dad, Rich and Annette all came up here to visit and help out. Well, Rich didn't know it was to work on the house and I think he was a little bummed! hehe
Anyway, while they were here my Dad took out about a billion dead azalea bushes that were out of control in our front yard. He also took out a boxwood and helped us clean out a lot of vines and other misc. overgrown vegetation in our front yard. Annette and Rich helped us with the removal too. It was great to get everything out all at once. If it was up to just Dan and me, I don't think we could have done it all in one day.

Before with all of the crazy wild bushes

After with everything cleared out

One of our neighbors actually asked Dad, Dan and Rich if they were professional landscapers. hehe, it was quite a nice compliment. Dad might as well be one. He is really good and quick too!

We bought mulch and some new little bushes with a giftcard from Dad and Annette.
Now we just need to paint our front door black and put shutters on the other window and I think I will really like the front of our house.

I didn't post a picture with our new bushes b/c they look really

small right now behind our huge hostas.

Once all the hard work was done, we all had lunch and played with Quinny.

She loves her Uncle Richie!