Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving in Dover!

We had such a great time in Dover this Thanksgiving.
Dan, Quinn and I got to visit with lots of family.
I love our family and am extremely thankful for each and every person!
My cousin Dave, Aunt Rachel, Me and Dan
SOOOO many people on the COUCH!!

Val, Dave, Rachel, Rich, Me and Dan!

I love Dave and miss him so much. He has been in the army and overseas for many years. When we were little we used to hang out all of the time. how times have changed.
Quinn and Aunt Tracy. Boy-oh-boy Quinn was IN LOVE

I sure do love my lil cuz Val!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

cool little seat that some mountain bikers made!

There used to be a railroad above this arch. There are little old buildings and stuff all around.

Yes, I realize that I look like a big gray marshmallow but it was really cold! (I was wearing three of Dan's shirts. I feel like they make guys clothes warmer... more about warmth and less about fashion, you know what I mean?)

We had so much fun! Quinn had a blast at her MomMom and PopPop's house. Thank you MomMom and PopPop for EVERYTHING!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Yoga

So Quinn was accepted into the physical therapy program. We will have the physical therapist come out to our house and work with Quinn. (and with me too). We are also going to a baby yoga class that our physical therapist teaches. It is once a week. The idea of baby yoga is just so cute to me. This week was Quinn's first time at Yoga class. It didn't go so well. She cried for a large part of the hour long class. When she wasn't crying she was clapping. It was so funny. The class is supposed to be calm and relaxing for the kids. It is all songs and stretching. Well, newbie Quinn was so disruptive. (See at home, after every song that I sing to her.. or well actually after everything she does, we praise her and say "yay Quinn" and clap... she normally just screams a little and claps) So this class was supposed to be relaxing and all of the other kids, that have been going for months, were singing along and doing all of the motions. Quinn would cry during the songs/stretches and then clap and yell at the end. All of the other kids then would clap and yell. Great fun. All of the parents were just laughing. The teachers kept on trying to clam down the kids and they even turned off the lights and had us sing softly to our kids. everything got quiet, even Quinn. Then as soon as the song was over, you guessed it, she clapped and screamed again. HA

Monday, November 5, 2007


This weekend we decided to go and visit Quinn's Grandparents and cousins. Quinn rode her first Merry-go-Round. (It is indoor.)

When we got back, she was all tuckered out!

Quinn is also getting over a small ear infection from early last week. Here is a picture of her crying one morning after she woke up. I think she is just adorable with her crazy bedhead and that face!

This was from the night before that. I thought it was cute. She always makes these strange faces when she gets really excited! hah!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Time!

Quinn was a monkey this year for Halloween. We picked a monkey because she LOVES bananas!! Also, she uses her feet to pick up all sorts of objects. whether it is her juice, a toy or a blanket, her feet are always picking up and moving things around. We also picked this outfit because it had an adorable TAIL!

This was a very special Halloween for Quinn. It was her first Halloween being home. As some of you may remember, last Halloween Quinn was still in the NICU at GBMC (best hospital EVER). Quinn had some wonderful nurses and one even dressed her up for Halloween in the NICU. Last year, Quinn was a fairy. The outfit was a build-a-bear outfit since at the time, Quinn only weighed a little over 4lbs. Here are some pictures of LAST HALLOWEEN if some of you didn't get to see:

She wasn't too sure about this Halloween jazz.

(her face is all red from the tape for her feeding tube)