Thursday, October 29, 2009

Football and Family

Rich came to our house to visit with us, give Quinn her birthday presents and WATCH RAVEN FOOTBALL! Ok, well he was stuck watching the Ravens. hehe

Quinn wanted to show Uncle Rich what her Halloween costume was.
She is a nice mean witch. We had to search a lot to find such a witch costume.

Notice the Steeler's hat?? Yeah, it is Rich's and Dan was having a hizzy fit but I thought it was cute on her.
This is her present from Rich. You guessed it. A video game for kids aged 3 - 5.
They have to run and jump and move the "bopper" joystick. She loves it even though she doesn't quite get fully. The bopper is a little tricky right now. It is so funny to watch her play and get all excited. She has a game with Mickey Mouse Club House, Little Einsteins, Tiger and Pooh, and Handy Manny. Then she also has a Disney Princess game. Uncle Rich Rocks! She calls it her "exercisin". hah.

Temple Family Visit- Mom was in Town!!

We had a family get together with the Temples!
Mom was up visiting for Quinn's birthday.
Amy was in from Utah to take pictures of Val's son Gavin.
I loved seeing Sally and it not being a holiday.
Quinn just had a blast. She finally loves Grandpa Temple.
She adores Annie (and is still talking about her!)

Don't you love the tutu from Aunt Amy??
And what about these yummy babies? Man, oh man. They are both so cute.

Brinn was in town!

My cousin Brinn was visiting the east coast this month. So naturally Quinn and I had to visit.

Brinn and "Milla" as Quinn called her.

My Grandparents were also at the gathering.
I love being able to see them all!
Piper and Quinn were little buddies.

too bad I couldn't get even one of them being serious!

Quinn's Party

Quinn had a wonderful party a few weekends ago.
We had her friends and family here to help her celebrate.
We had a pinata, cake, train building, food, and sugar cookie decorating.
I didn't have a chance to take pictures while the kids were decorating... I was a little busy:)
Here are some pictures of Quinn opening her presents!

Quinn's cousins spent the night. They are so good with her and she just adores them.
While they were still on their sugar-high, they made a band.
We had the violin, accordion, keyboard, and banjo.

(I do have a video clip... but I will spare you!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Gilbert

This is Gilbert. He is 8 weeks old and a complete delight. Honestly, the first night we got him home he was a little wild. Quinn was scared of him (ok, a lot) and Dan and I were nervous. But after only a few days, Gilbert has assimilated into the family perfectly. The other night Quinn was playing "Hide and Hug" with him. She pretty much ran around chasing him and trying to give him big hugs. He likes to play like all little kitties do. He also LOVES to cuddle.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quinn's 3rd Birthday (part two)

Once Dan got home, Quinn was able to open her presents.

Then all went out to look for a Halloween outfit for Quinn. We went to three different stores and didn't find the "right one".

Later on, we all went out to Quinn's special birthday dinner.
We went to Friendly's!
Quinn was so excited that she actually danced while waiting for her food!

She loved her ice cream sundae.

Hooray for great Birthdays!

Quinn's 3rd Birthday! (while Dan was working)

Dan had to work the morning of Quinn's birthday. So, Quinn and I decided to go to the petting farm. She got to feed and pet goats, lambs, cows, and more. She got to kiss and ride a horse too!

click on all images to enlarge

Quinn also got to go down the world's fastest rainbow slide over and over again.

Lastly, she played on the train and pirate ship. I must admit that she is a great pirate.

Birthday Princess

Quinn is so lucky to have Rich as her Uncle!! On her birthday, Rich had two of his friends call Quinn to wish her a Happy Birthday. Which two friends???

Oh, Princesses Jasmine AND Ariel!!

I tried to tape them both but the Jasmine one didn't turn out too well.

If you can't tell what she was saying:

*I can sing*

*I have Ariel on my sockies too*

*I have a wish, Ariel said*

Monday, October 5, 2009

our baby is three

At 7:55 pp October 6th, Quinn will be three.
Where, oh where has the time gone?