Monday, April 23, 2007

First time

Ok so I just set up this blog so our family far away can see how our life is going and keep in touch. Plus, I just love showing off lil Quinny!

She is over six months old now and she is playing catch up. She is finally starting to hold her head up some while doing "tummy time". She is such a happy little girl.

Even though we go to the doctor a lot, I think she is growing stronger.

She has an appointment today for an X-ray and a fluoroscopy with barium. I am not quite sure how they are going to give her the barium.

She is fasting a little for this test.

Here Quinn is eating CARROTS for the first time. She loved them. Although she is a little distracted by Dan in this picture. She is doing a great job with eating! As you can tell by her chubby cheeks! She is over 16lbs now. Not too shabby considering that she started at 4lbs 2oz.

Have you ever seen a cuter baby?? She loves rolling around in this swing. (which is wonderful since she has to stay
elevated all of the time due to her acid reflux)