Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hopkins here we come... again

So tomorrow Quinn has two appointments at Johns Hopkins. She has to get two separate exams done; one with x-rays and one with an ultrasound... both with a catheter. Not looking forward to this at all. The exam is a VCUG or voiding cystourethrogram. You can look it up if you want the details.
I am so nervous for this exam. A member of my family's daughter had to go through this and they lived... so I am not so sure why I am so nervous. I think it is because I let my guard down. We have been doing so well, no major tests for almost a year (last Jan for Quinn's Brain CT). I think that I was just not prepared for it and no, this is not a huge deal like some of her other exams have been. But just the fact of talking to the doctors at Hopkins sort of makes my tummy nervous. We have the two exams tomorrow and then a follow up next Monday. I hate going there. It is a wonderful hospital but I just wish that we didn't have to be there, you know? Like you understand the severity of things when you are sent to Hopkins and they make a next day appointment for your child. The urgency scares me. Anyway as you all can see, I am a nervous wreck and just rambling on about worrying for my Quinny. Please remember us in your prayers tonight.

Cookie Day

We had a cookie day at Rich's house a few weeks ago. Dan, myself, Quinn, Rich, Dad and Annette were all there. We made 3 or 4 different kinds of cookies and I even made fudge for the first time. Dad and Dan pretty much watched football and Quinn was running around Rich's place like a wild woman. There is something about his condo that Quinn loves. Maybe it is all of the toys everywhere! :) Anyway, Rich, Annette and I made some pretty yummy treats. Then Annette and Quinn made gingerbread men. To Quinn, this meant eating all of the icing and littly candies. Boy, she was so high on sugar!

Slumber Party at MomMom and PopPop's house!

Ok, well we didn't actually sleep there but we did stay WAAAAYYY past Quinn's bedtime. A few weeks ago we celebrated Christmas with MomMom and PopPop (Dan's parents). We had a great dinner and watched some "classic" Christmas movies like Rudolf and Frosty. All of Quinn's cousins were there too. She had so much fun playing with them. She felt like one of the big girls.

We made a gingerbread house too!
And played with Quinn's new doll house that actually talks and makes all sorts of fun sound effects! Thank you MomMom and PopPop!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sugar and Spice

I just love my daughter. She makes me smile a billion times a day. I love that she is starting to have favorites. She loves singing, dancing and anything girlie. At all times she will be seen wearing a crown/tiara. She loves them... needs them. It is so cute. She also loves to play dress up. (as a Princess !!) She also loves to help me cook!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Visiting Family:Dover

I just love Dover... ok well maybe not the city so much but I LOVE the people that live there. A few weeks ago Dan was visiting some family in Texas and Quinn and I were home alone. We decided to take a weekend trip to Dover. First stop, Grandma and Grandpa T's house. Rachel and Annie were there too. This worked out perfectly because Quinn simply adores Annie. When we got there, Grandma and Annie were planting a bulb. Quinn had to join in the fun!
Quinn, Annie, Grandpa and I walked to the Silver Lake Park. We played on the swings, slides and fed some birds/ducks. Quinn had SUCH a great time. (so did I) It is a place that has so many memories for me of when I was little. I want Quinn to have some of those special memories there too. We also went to Ronny's. They have the whole store decked out for Christmas. When we were little, Grandma T used to take Rich and I there and let give us FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS! We thought that we were so cool. We were able to pick out any Christmas item that we wanted. I always got some cute tree decoration and Rich always got lights... every year, more lights. Well Aunt Lisa joined Rachel, Grandma, Annie and myself on our trip to Ronny's. Guess who we ran into ( not literally) on the road... RICH! So he joined us for our trip. Quinn was completely amazed with all of the lights, trees, tacky blow up Santas and more. She sat and watched the train sets for about 15 minutes... completely focused. It was so sweet. I hope that we can continue our tradition of going there once a year with Quinn. After Ronny's, we headed over to a Chinese food buffet. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Chinese food. just love it. Dan, on the other hand can't stomach it. Needless to say, I don't get to eat it much. Actually, I haven't had it at all since we were married over 2 years ago except for this wonderful night. Quinn and I gorged ourselves. She definitely took after me on this one. Boy, she was eating those noodles like there was no tomorrow. She had her fork in hand but realized that it was too slow, so she would grab fistfuls and shove them into her mouth. Classy. We couldn't help but laugh at her.
After our HUGE dinner, we headed back to the house and relaxed. (what else can you do when you are so full???) Quinn and Grandma read some and then Quinn, Annie and Grandpa played ring around the Rosie. This was the funniest thing EVER! See, Quinn is a little frightened of men and she refused to touch or even acknowledge Grandpa. Annie and Rachel thought that she might have to touch him if they played Ring around the Rosie. Ha, Quinn is smarter that that! The next morning Quinn and I headed over to Dad and Annette's house. Rich was there too. We sat around and played with toys and the dogs and just had fun. Oh, we also watched some football! Yeah!
It was an all around wonderful mini trip!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Good Morning

I had the best alarm clock this morning. Right before my true alarm clock was to go off, I awoke to the sweetest sound in the world. Quinn was sitting in her bed singing. Oh, she has such a cute little voice and she was so happy. After each song she was clapping her hands and saying "yay, goody goody". Man, I have the cutest daughter ever! It is funny because my Aunt Reenie always tells me that I used to do that when I was little. I would sit up tall in my bed super early in the morning and sing out loud and proud. I am glad that Quinn enjoys music just like her Mommy.

Here is a video clip from the other day: Quinn and Daddy playing the "Quin-tar, the Dad-tar or the Big-Tar". Yes, she has three names for it.