Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pirate Party: Dan's celebration #1

The week before Dan's real birthday his parents, Aunt Jean and Michaela threw a pirate themes party for him.

notice how "the face" hasn't changed too much
The picture to the left is actually an obnoxious gift that Dan gave his Mom. He had a picture professionally taken and framed for his Mom with "the face". For some reason she doesn't display it too frequently :)
a pirate, a pirate, a pirate says ARHHHHHHHG
as you can see, we got a little in to the theme :)

ok, maybe it was just me that was really pumped...

and check out all of the yummy pirate food!

Dan's celebration #2

For Dan's birthday, Dad and Annette took the three of us to the Crab Deck. It is right over the Bay Bridge in Kent Narrows. They have amazing food and a great atmosphere. Plus, they are located half way between the Dover and Baltimore!
Quinn ate lots of crab dip, clams, crabs chicken nuggets and even saved room for a crab lollipop!

After dinner we fed the ducks!

Then we took a nice walk to end the visit.
Thanks again Dad and Annette!

Tiny Dancer

Our little girl was in Princess Ballet. She loved it. Quinn and I went every Monday for a few months to her special class that she earned for getting pottty trained. These pictures are from the finale. Dan even took off work to experience it all. Quinn was shining so brightly while her Daddy watched.

She was so proud. I wish I could bottle up that feeling for her.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the wings

The other day we went for a walk. I let Quinn take her wings. I just didn't care enough to make her sad by telling her that she had to leave them in the car. I am so glad that I let her take them. Not only did it make her SO happy, I also got some darling pictures.

Check out her crazy feet in this picture! She was a dancing queen!

notice the baby bunny by the tall grass (top right)

She is such a little sweetheart!

I love my girl.

Quinn sure loves time with her Daddy (click images to enlarge)

I just couldn't help getting a billion pictures on this walk. She looked so cute and the weather was so nice. (no sweating!)

Cousin Visits!

Last week Valerie, Christy, and Gavin came to visit us. We pretty much just sat around and talked. It was a little too hot to go to the park.

I am actually glad that we just chatted away our visit.

It gave me time to get to know this adorable little man a bit more :)

Oh yeah, and it was Val's birthday the day before so Quinn and I got her this:

Around here

My favorite time around here is in the mornings. While we have breakfast, Quinn and I chat about everything under the sun. It is our perfect time together. There aren't any distractions from just enjoying each other.

I love my little (big) girl!


Check out Quinn's concentration while doing her homework!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zach's Birthday

On Mother's Day we went to Zach's 2nd birthday party!
We all had a great time. It was held at a local park.

The park also is an animal rescue. This was a falcon that was hit by a car or something. It was really neat for the kids to get to see him up close.

Zach the birthday boy was totally smitten with Quinn this day for some reason.

Isn't he cute?

Aimee (Zach's mommy) got Quinn an awesome new backyardigans hat too!

I love my cute family!