Monday, September 24, 2007

First time

So Quinn still isn't in love with standing on her legs. She will only do it in her little bouncy seat actually. She also won't "crawl" like normal. She sure can move anywhere that she wants to go though. (by her army crawl) But she did this rocking thing like 3 or 4 times yesterday!! So EXCITING!!! granted it was only for a second or two but it has to start somewhere!!!

It was so sweet when she fell asleep like this the other day. She rolled around in the blanket and started to cuddle with her wipes. haha love her.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mini Vacation!!!

Quinn spent the weekend with Dad and Annette and Dan and I went to his boss's beach house in Bethany Beach. We had so much fun and so did Quinny! Here are some pictures of the absolutely wonderful weekend :)
Here is a picture of the beach house. It was soooo nice.

Dan and I found some fun toys to play with :)

We found Pokey all here by himself. poor guy hehe

This was the first time that we have left Quinn over night and well, I was a little nervous at first. She had a great time and I am pretty sure that Dad and Annette did too. Thanks Dad and Annette!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sour Girl

So our little girl can be such a delight... most of the time. The other day we all went out to eat. Dan and I were super excited (don't eat out so much) and Quinn, well, she wasn't too thrilled. She was giving us these faces. Oh man. I couldn't help but laugh. She wasn't making any annoying noises or anything so we just sat there and watched. I can TOTALLY see myself in these faces. ha