Tuesday, September 30, 2008

one orange necklace.

The other day Quinn and I were at Walmart. They had these little play necklaces for a dollar. I had to get them for her. There was one pink, one purple, one blue, one red , one green and one orange one. Quinn was in love. She wore them around the house, during her nap, during dinner and actually the rest of the night. When Dan came home, she ran up to him and was yelling "Neck- ehs, neck-ehs" and told him each color (over and over again). She was so proud. Well, a little later Quinn decided that her Elmo doll needed one of her neck-ehs. She handed Elmo to me and the pink one. She kept on saying Elmo, pink neck-ehs. Then Dan told her that he wanted one. She thought long and hard. She smiled and said "or- ran" and proceded to put the orange necklace around Dan's neck. Then he said to Quinn "Elmo has a pink necklace and Daddy has an orange but who doesn't have one? Mommy! Go give a necklace to Mommy". Quinn thought for a long time, looking at Elmo, Daddy and then her remaining necklaces. When I say a long time, I mean for about a whole minute, looking back and forth. Then she did the funniest thing, she took back Dan's necklace and gave it to me! We both started laughing. She still had a blue, green, purple and red around her neck but couldn't give them up. So I had the orange and asked Quinn to give a blue one to Daddy. She shook her head and said "or-ran" and took it away from me and gave it back to Dan. We tried many times to ask for different colors but she just couldn't part with them. The rest of the night Dan and I shared one orange necklace and Elmo got to keep his pink. We see where we stand :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sticker Rewards

We were having a lot of problems with Quinn. She was misbehaving all of the time. Everything seemed to be a challenge. So we decided to make her a sticker rewards chart. Every time she lets us brush her teeth (used to be HORRIBLE!!) or her hair or is good a the grocery or whatever, she gets a sticker. Quinn gets so excited to get her sticker and put it on her chart, which is on the fridge. Then we count how many she has and jump up and down with excitement. Well, we decided that once she has 25 stickers, she gets a prize or something. With the first 25 stickers, Quinn got a new stuffed animal bunny from Old Navy. SHE LOVES IT! Her second set of 25, we took her to The Rain Forest Cafe. Everyone, you MUST come and visit me and go. There is seriously a rain forest that you just so happen to be eating in. There are mechanical elephants, monkeys, birds, insects and more. There are tropical fish and a real water fall in the cafe too. I must say that I didn't really enjoy the food too much... but Quinn had such a great time. Here are a few pictures, they didn't come out too well because it is so dark in there.
The clip is crazy with sounds. It is like a jungle in there, literally. :)

I have to add also that it the animals go off one at a time about every 5 minutes. So you eat, then watch the monkeys, then eat and watch the elephants... etc. Then once every half of an hour, it storms! There is thunder and lightening and ALL of the animals go nuts. That is what is in the clip. As you can see, Quinn and I both were a little overwhelmed!

What a sight!

Quinn had her first M&Ms this week. Can you tell how much she LOVED them?!?! She was holding them in her hand, taking a lick, and then holding them tight again. Guess the colors????
(on a side note, Quinn LOVES wearing my socks. I think that it kind of look like she is wearing UGGS)
Yellow and brown

Also, we later had some fun in a wonderful TENT!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I was never too big of a football fan before Dan. He just is so passionate about the Raven's that I can help but be also. I just love watching him enjoy a good game. The other day, we got free tickets from Dan's FedEx rep at work. We also got the VIP treatment in their tent. Free drinks and food... all night long (and not just hotdogs and pretzels, I am talking crap balls and deli sandwiches and so many yummy deserts!) Our seats were 16 rows back from the field. that's it. I have never been so close. Here are some pictures from the game. It was an incredible night. The Ravens beat the Browns 28-10! *Yippy* Flacco is the new QB for the Raven's. He is a rookie this year from UD! Our 2 other QBs are injured so poor Flacco has had to do everything. We are 2-0 so I guess that he is doing something right! Dan and "Poe" the Raven's mascot before the game! haha
And we always need a few of US!!

and some of the game :)

Company Picnic time

Dan's new company had a picnic this Sunday. It was at Sandy Point Park and I just LOOOOOVE that place. No where else even comes close to it for me. There are lots of playgrounds all around for Quinn. There is a nice size woods with hiking/biking trails for Dan. There is salty sea air and a little mini beach for me. I just LOVE it. Anyway, I took these shots of my baby while we were there. Sorry if there are too many, I just love them all

My Little Helper

Quinn loves to help me cook and clean. She will run around the house and yell "keen up, keen up" when she notices that it looks messy. I do think that her favorite time of the day is helping me cook dinner though. She gets to help me cut the veggies and she LOVES having some samples :) Ok, ok... she also loves playing in the water from the faucet. Look at her little tip toes!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Busy at WORK!

DISCLAIMER: So I realize that I am posting a lot... but I am so busy during the week that I have a hard time finding a spare minute. So you all might be getting a bunch on the weekends :)
Dan has had to work so many long days since he started his new job in June. He is pretty much at work M-F from 5:30 am until about 8:30pm. He also has to sometimes go in on Saturdays too. This would be more bearable if he wasn't a salaried employee but sadly... he is. Anyway, he had to go in to work today. Quinn and I decided to visit with him. Boy, doesn't she look like she is overworked and underpaid?!?!
Quinn looks so yummy to me in these pictures! Love her.

Group and Soggy Shoes

So this week Quinn's group started back up. It is every Friday. I was prepping her all week. Boy, she was excited. On Friday morning I did my usual: wake up early to study, get Quinn washed, fed and ready to go. I had to take a shower myself also. We did the normal routine with Quinn running around the upstairs while I shower with the bathroom door cracked so I can hear any foolishness. Well, Friday was different. Quinn was so excited for her group. She kept on yelling at me "c'on" (come on) and "ehts gooooh" (lets go). She was pacing... in the bathroom. Then I heard her make some form of commotion and then yell "SHOOOOOOOOOE". At that moment, I had my tennis shoe thrown in to the shower with me, on my left big toe to be exact. She was so excited to go (and thought that I was taking too long). She decided to help me out by giving me my shoe, except now it was soggy.

Quinn Dancing with Excitement!
Quinn had to make sure that the door was "cloh" (closed).

I know that you are thinking, what a lovely purse?? Well, yes it is wonderful and no, she wouldn't dare go to group without it. She is already a DIVA. (also Amy, notice the pants?!?! THANKS!)

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was my birthday and Dan wanted to surprise me by getting a hotel room in Ocean City for the night. I just love the beach, especially when it is cool enough for a hoodie. Anyway, we got hit by a hurricane and couldn't get a refund so we decided to make a go of it anyway. We left Quinn at her MomMom and PopPop's house for safe keeping. She just loves it there. :) We ended up having a great time and it only rained (a lot) during the day on Saturday. Saturday evening and Sunday (all day) were simply wonderful. It was breezy and cool. Perfect weather if you ask me. We had a fabulous time and I couldn't have been happier. (except maybe if Quinn was there and could have enjoyed the long walks)
Check out the waves! Big ones... well for MD
Notice the wind blown hair... lovely, I know :)

The people were taking pictures of a die hard surfer. He must have been crazy!

Once again, the windblown look. I love this picture of Dan. If only I didn't look so weird without hair.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love it

If you don't already know, I am a nerd. I am completely obsessed with the new Dr. Who on BBC America. It also comes on the SciFi channel. For my birthday Dan got me season 2. We have been watching at least one episode every night since then! Also, for those of you that watch it, Dan made a picture of us as Daleks. yup, we are nerds and love it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

2 favorites

I have two favorite things right now.
1. Quinn playing dress up. How cute is she?!?!

2. My new breakfast (or lunch or dinner or snack!)

It is about 5 cut up strawberries with ground flax seed sprinkled on top (for a nutty taste), with organic lowfat vanilla yogurt, topped with granola, almond slivers, and a few dried cherries.


Wonderful Weekend!

This last weekend we were lucky enough to enjoy the company of one of my favorite cousins. On Saturday we drove up to Wilmington and picked up Rich. (and played some video games!)Then the 4 of us drove to Philly to meet Dave, Rachel and one of her friends. We ate at Continental Midtown. All I can say is YUMMMM!

On Sunday Dan, Quinn, and I went to the park. Man, Quinn LOVES the swings... (and slides... and anything that she can crawl thru!)

Then on Monday, Dave drove to Baltimore and we got to hang out with him again! I am so thankful that we were able to spend time with him before his goes back overseas.