Saturday, May 26, 2007

More of the house

Here is a picture of Quinn's room before. Wasn't it just horrible?!?!?

We didn't get to the radiators yet because we need

a different type of paint for that.

Oh and we saw a deer in our backyard this morning. I couldn't grab the camera fast enough but he was there for a short bit. I am so excited that we have woods in our backyard. It is kind of rare around here.

All of this work has made us SO TIRED! Even Quinny!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Dan and I have been SO extremely busy with trying to get our new house live-in-ready. It is insane how much time we have put into this place. I just love it all though.
This is what the house looks like on the outside.
(note: this was before we closed so that is why the lawn is so crazy looking)
The first night we came in and removed the woodstove and pulled up the old carpet tack strips and staples. fun fun.

We had Mom O and G-ma T and sister R come and watch Quinn for us so we could actually get to work without the little one.

Dan put in a new front door.

Then it was time to start to sand the hardwood floors.
We did the den, dining room, downstairs bedroom and hallway.

Then I laid the first coat of polyAfter that had time to dry we started painting. We painted Quinn's room (which was a pepto pink), both hallways, the dining room and the den.



The colors weren't so bad before but it made the room look much smaller. Also it was in horrible condition.




So that is pretty much what we have been up to in the last week. We just don't have pictures of everything!


Family Visit!

So the other day Quinn and I went up to visit some of our family in PA. We both had a wonderful time. I must say that all of the children in our family are absolutely beautiful. We must have great genes! :)

This is Quinn with her 2nd cousin Piper! They are so cute together!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anniversary Lilies!

I just wanted to thank my wonderful MOTHER for sending me and the Huzz some lovely Anniversary flowers. I love lilies and she sent them twice since the first ones didn't arrive in a timely manner. They are so completely beautiful and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU MOM!!!

Busy Busy Busy!

This weekend we were so BUSY! Not only do we have the packing and stress from closing on our first house this week, but we also went to a wedding and then a mini family get together.
The Wedding

My old roommate and bestest girlfriend from Towson just got married. I am so thrilled for her. We have been able to some what keep in touch even though she lives about 2 hours from me now. Anyway, on the wedding was on Sat. around 5pm in West Virginia. All morning Quinn was a doll. Even for the ceremony she was quiet and just looking around at all of the pretty flowers and the water with the floating candles. Then we had to feed her. Now, Quinn loves to eat but she HATES when the bottle is done. She is such a little piggy. So she started to cry while all of the pictures were being taken. 30 minutes later she was still crying but we went inside to get seated anyway. She would not stop. She was so completely upset. I have never seen her cry this hard or for this long of a period. Finally we went back outside and tried to look at those pretty flowers and floating candles. NOTHING WORKED. About one hour later, after trying to get her to calm down, we just left. I appologized to them for leaving and not eating or dancing or even really getting to talk to them too much. It was a rough evening.

Family Get Together

My little cousin Dave was back from Iraq for a few weeks of R&R. We all got together at my Grandma T's house. This was the first time Dave has seen my Quinny! I just love and respect him so much.

We arrived in DE around 4:00pm to Dad and Annette's house so Quinn could have a mini visit. Oh, and I got a speeding ticket on the way! Nice Mother's Day present huh??? Anyway, then we went to the T's house and it was packed. Sally was there and all.

Quinn got to play with her Great Grandma T, her cousin Christy and Aunt Lisa. It is adorable to see Quinn with her G. G-pa T, she looooooves him. Anyway, this picture was from the beginning of the evening.

This picture is from the end of the evening. (about 1.5 hours later!)

It was the first time that Aunt Tracy has held her. I think it is a really cute picture even if the little one is a bit grumpy!

By the end of the weekend, we drove more than 8 hours to be at our destinations for a total of less than 4 hrs!

Moral of the story???

"If baby ain't happy, ain't nooooobody happy!!!!!"

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Big Day for Quinny!!

Today is SUCH a big day for Quinny. She had her 7 month check up and now she has graduated to only going to the doctors for "normal" child check-ups. This means that she won't have to go in again until she is 9 months old!!! YAY! No more going in every week or 3 times a month. I am so super excited and proud of Quinn. She is developing well and doing ok catching up. She is eating beans, carrots, bananas, peas, yams, pears and more. It is just so wonderful. We did get a little bit of "homework" to do in the 2 month break. We need to work on her sitting and not leaning. Currently Quinn will lean and "sit up" but she needs to be developing balance. She needs to learn how to roll over. (she is so far away from doing that) She also needs to work on standing. This means while on our lap we will hold her up and she is supposed to straighten out her legs and apply pressure. Currently when you hold her up she stays in a big ball and won't straighten her legs out. So we have our work cut out for us with that too.

Quinn went and had her hearing checked out again and she passed both of her tests! Now instead of getting more lab work and tests done, Quinn now has to only go in for check ups! In the 2 month break from Primary Doctor, Quinn will still need to go to her Otolaryngologist and her ENT.

This is still just such a great day for all of us. Our little girl is growing so strong. For a while, I felt like this day would never come and she would be forced to go to doctor visits forever.

Congrats Quinny!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day Trip to D.C.

This Monday we went to D.C. with Aunt Karen and Uncle Sam. They haven't been there before and it has been quite a while since we have gone. We had a great time. Quinn even had fun.

We even saw some Canadian geese and their babies!
They were super cute. I wanted to take one home.
But Dan said no :(

We went to the Washington Monument, The Vietnam Wall, the World War II Memorial, (which I haven't seen before) The Capital Building, and the Smithsonian. We got to see the Hope Diamond. Can I say SWEET??

We also went to look at the White House. While we have gone there before, (and I actually did the egg roll on the lawn when I was a little girl) it is always fun. Plus, now we have pictures with Quinny!

After walking around all day, we were pooped!
We decided to get some crabcakes and head on home.
We had a wonderful day.
Thanks Aunt Karen and Uncle Sam!

Monday, May 7, 2007


This weekend Dan's Aunt and Uncle from Texas came up and visited. We had a blast. This was also the first time that Quinn has been out and about and was able to visit with her cousins. They were all over her! She was thrilled to be getting so much attention. It was a wonderful time for all the kids since they have had to wait almost 7 months to see their new cousin.

Can you tell how happy Grandma O is to be with ALL OF HER GRANDCHILDREN together for the first time!?!?!?!

These are Quinn's oldest two cousins. They were especially sweet and kind with her and she loved them up!

Also, here is a picture of Quinn's second cousin Violet. When she first met Quinn she told us matter-of-factly that Quinn was her cousin and Quinn was her friend. It was so cute. Violet is a ham!

Here she is blowing me kisses and the last picture is me with her brother Aden! They are the cutest kids ever... besides Quinny that is :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

One Year Anniversary!!!

Just letting everyone know that on May 6th, we will have been married for ONE year. WOW, crazy how fast time flies. I know personally that I have never been happier.

Also, for those of you that don't already know, Dan and I will be purchasing our first home!! It is a small 3 bedroom Cape Cod. We close on May 18th and have lots of work ahead. Just be prepared to see a lot of before and after photos!