Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where is Mommy's nose???

Our little girl has gotten so smart! She knows where Mommy and Daddy's noses and mouths are. She also talks all of the time. Most of the time it is just her own little language but sometimes we get a few noises that sound like real words. She also knows the word "no" very well and will shake her head back and forth an say "no no no" when we tell her not to do something. Brilliant!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Quinny Mini!!!!

ok so we got the results from Quinn's CT. She has benign hydrocephalus in the front of her brain. Our Dr called a pediatric neurologist at Hopkins and he looked at Quinn's CT and said that the amount of fluid is not that bad and that she should be fine. We do have to keep on monitoring her head circumference and if it gets worse, we will take action. It is great though that it is only a little fluid on the front of her brain and not all over (or not a tumor)! We also need to keep monitoring her progress and development. If her development slows down or stops, we will need to make sure that her hydrocephalus hasn't gotten worse.

on a sad side, Quinn's ear infection just won't go away. She has been on 4 different antibiotics and it still will not go away. (it did stain two of her beautiful little teeth yellow though) Our Dr doesn't want to just keep her on such strong med.s so we are going to see and ENT in the next 2 weeks. So over all, life is great!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick Quinn Update

Ok, so Quinn has to get a CT of her head. We have been worrying about it since she turned 12 months and well, it has continued to grow, way too fast. We have been going in to the DRs every few weeks to track it. Her CT is on the 24th and she has to fast and then be sedated. On a good side however, the CT is without contrast. So they don't have to pump her full of anything. Plus, once we have the CT, we will know... for sure if there is anything wrong with Quinn or if she just has a big ole noggin. I think she just has a big head. We will see!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ocean City Weekend

Mom and Dad O. took us to OC with them over the weekend. We had so much fun. Dan and I rode a two seater bike, Quinn played with her new best friend in the mirror :) and had some good food! We were really lucky because the weather was SO beautiful.
It was around 50 degrees!
Quinny and her PopPop had fun playing peek-a-boo with the napkins. HA! She is SUCH a ham~
I want this AWESOME CHAIR!

Quinn snuggling with Aunt Jean!

These three pictures were from New Year's. I just felt that they were cute. The middle one is a picture of her with Daddy's cousin James. Quinn had a little crush on him. She was so smiley and was following him everywhere!

Christmas in Dover

Last weekend we all went to Dover to visit with Dad and Annette and celebrate Christmas. We had a great time.
Quinn loved wearing Daddy's new Ravens hat! GOOO RAVENS!

New outfit from Great Grandma Carol!
so so so cute.