Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Company Picnic

A few Sundays ago we all went to Dan's company picnic. It was at Sandy Point Beach again and we had a blast. The pavilion that they rented was right next to the playground this year. We spent a lot of time there! Quinn made some friends, ate yummy food, and got to hit a pinata!

(click on pictures to enlarge)
This is Quinn on the way to the picnic- all dressed in Raven gear (by Daddy)

This is Quinn's new bff at the picnic. Quinn needed to go everywhere with her and do everything she did! It was adorable!

Here is Quinn waiting for her turn at the pinata!

Here is Quinn grabbing up the loot. She clung to her goody bag for the rest of the day.

This is a picture of our friends The Millers.
(Mike, Zack, and Aimee)
Mike is one of our dearest friends. He was there for us when we first had Quinn. He was the only person that I trusted to watch Quinn when she was under 6 months. He would come over after work so that Dan and I could go to the gym together for an hour or two. He also would stop by randomly and bring us groceries. Mike has helped us more recently with installing our front door and plaster removal in our bathroom. If you can't tell, I just love him. He actually is partially responsible for getting Dan and I together. (I'll save that story for another day) In this picture he is with his nephew and sister.


emlizalmo said...

Great party! You hang on tight to that loot, Quinn. Don't loosen your grip! And yay for Mike. Good friends make all the difference in our lives, don't they. :)

Anonymous said...

Mike is also the one that rescued me and Michele last year at the airport on New Year's Eve when her car caught on fire. Can you believe it - New Year's Eve and he came to pick us up. He is a really super guy!

mj said...

This post made me get all teary for some reason. Isn't it wonderful how children make friends so quickly? It's too bad that we lose this ability when we grow older.

Emanuel said...
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