Friday, April 30, 2010


I am in the end of my final semester. I have final projects, tests, and speeches out the bum.
I took Quinn to a Mommy and Me this morning and then to the park for hours.
We just got home after being out for over 6 hours of play time.

I started reading my text and doing some homework while Quinn colored in the other room.
She asked me to come and play with her in the other room. I told her that I needed to try and get some work done today.
I overheard her saying "I never get to do anything..." under her breath.

Man, being a Mom really is one of the most unappreciated jobs.

Can you tell I am stressed a bit?

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Artist

Quinn colored these Princesses the other day. (Ok, all but one of them)
She was VERY proud of the lovely Princesses and even made one to look like her cousin Violet.

total big girl

When did she become so grown up?
Where is my baby??

Thank you Grandpa Temple!

Dear Grandpa Temple
Thank you for the horse card.
Also, I love the magnifying paper!
I have had a lot of fun playing with it.

Love it.

I love how Mickey and Minnie are on grapes. I get so tired of the cartoons being on junk food.
Thank you Disney Garden.

Friday, April 23, 2010


A while back Quinn and I went to a Mommy and Me that was all about ELMO!

She got to paint a Elmo and was very excited about that!

While Elmo dried, we played lots of fun games.

She was very in to it. She really wanted those stuffed animals to FLY!


We have recently been going for walks a couple nights a week at our favorite park. The walk is 2 miles; just enough for Quinn to get super tired at the end without her whining during (too much!). It also has a really cute playground, fun rocks for Quinn to climb and decent public restrooms. This last one is super important because I don't do port-a-potties. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

.the sweetest girl.

Yesterday Quinn and I had a few errands to run. While we were in the car she told me that maybe I should pick up something for myself. I asked her why and she told me that I should get myself something special because I am so special to her.

ugh. Love my girl.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter Celebration

On Easter morning Quinn woke up squeeling. She woke up with a "hew-ge" Bambi on her bed. That really excited her- that the Easter Bunny "sneaked" into her room in the middle of the night.

She spotted the trail leading to her basket!!

Then after a nice morning as a family at the house, we headed over to Dan's cousin Stephanie's house.

She sure did have a blast hunting for eggs. It was really fun for me to watch Quinn get so excited.
In the first picture below, Quinn was sort of powerwalking. She was concentrating on not running but needed to get to an egg QUICK!

In this one, she is showing Daddy all of her goodies!

Quinn's cousins were a little bit quicker getting the eggs. She had a mini meltdown.

Zoey and Quinn were playing "Queen of the Castle!"

Almost the whole bunch of cousins...

Quinn and all of her cousins had a GREAT time playing on Stephanie's playground/swings.

I mean really, is there anything better for a kid? Yummy food, fun family, egg hunts and playgrounds?!?!
Thanks for hosting and orchestrating it all Stephanie!!

Sugary Easter Crafts

We started with all of this.

Then Quinn got to help me crush the graham crackers with a spoon and a lot of passion.

or maybe a karate chop??

The final result!

We sure did have fun!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

The other day we dyes Easter Eggs as a family for the first time.
It was GREAT!

Look at that focus-

Serious concentration here...

Even Daddy got in on the fun! hehe

She had a great time. We used Hinkle's dye (Thanks Annette!)

She was SO proud of her eggs!