Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

We started the day off by going to Dad's house.
Notice how bummed out Rich looks? He thought that Quinn didn't like his gift. Little did he know that we have HAD to play with them all almost everyday since! hehe. I adore how he tries so hard to find the perfect gift for Quinn.
She loved it and gave him a big Thank You hug!

Quinn got lots of cool gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Von Stetten!

They are such good buddies

Dad is so funny. He must be getting old because he had to be reminded that he wanted a gift. HAH!

Even Zana and Zelda got in on the holiday!
Next we went over to the Temple's house.
Quinn got this ADORABLE princess dress from Valerie. Serious cuteness.
Quinn went around taking pictures with her new camera!
and got even more presents!
We visited with family, played games, and ate lots of yummy food!


Quinn's MomMom and PopPop came to our house on Christmas Eve. They brought Quinn's cousins with them. Quinn was in heaven. She played, ate, and opened presents! What is better than that?!?!

Notice Gilbert watching silly Quinn?

Cookie Day

Every year- as long as I can remember- we have had cookie day. Sometimes with all of my Temple side, sometimes with just Rich, Mom and myself, and sometimes with Dad and Annette.

Always with Rich.
This year wasn't any different. Rich came over to my place and helped Quinn and I! We had so much fun. We listened to my sad (and random) Christmas music collection and played "Name that Artist".
See my "Classics" were in my car last New Year's Eve when my car exploded. This year, I just went online and got any free Christmas song mp3 from Amazon or iTunes. A very sad collection.

Quinn and I started the day before Rich came and made some peanutbutter fudge and candycane brownie mini muffins. Quinn wanted to crush the candycanes herself instead of me doing it in the blender. Notice the HUGE hunks of candycane?? yeah, kind of hard to eat but Quinn had fun. She was really proud of her work.

Rich and Quinn had a lot of fun together. They unwrapped ALL of the hershey kisses for the peanut blossoms together and played some "video games" too.

We made lots of different types of cookies and it all went smoothly until we had to mix the peanutblossom dough. My poor mixer almost died. It started to slow down and smell like plastic so Rich jumped in and finished. Ok, well to be completely honest- we didn't realize that all of the flour wasn't mixed in until we already cooked like 4 sheets worth of cookies. Those ones were extra peanuty and then after Rich mixed the flour in, they were a little cakey. Oh well. Can't win them all.

Quinn even helped us roll the dough.

Rich and I thought it was so funny. She said something that was so cute, too bad I can't remember. Honestly, If I don't write it down right away- it is gone forever.
Anyway, we decided to bake her cookie ball just the way it was.

I tried to take a good picture of us

Didn't really work out too well.

We did get some funny pictures though.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Here are the cookies that we left out for Santa along with his milk and some cereal for the deer :)

Here is what Quinn came down to find!

She got lots of books, teddy bear magnets, a DVD of Max and Ruby and a digital camera!

She needed to take pictures of everything!! (Including the trashcan!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rockin around the Christmas tree...

Here is our beauty. It has to be up high so that Gilbert won't knock it over.

Our little girl loves Christms so much. We still watch Christmas movies in the summer and sing Christmad songs year round. This Christmas Quinn fully knows what is going on and it will be so much fun. It already is. We didn't have a big tree before this year. But, when we brought this beauty home- Quinn was in awe. She was running around the house yelling about how beautiful our tree is and thanking us over and over again.
I love this time of year so much.


A few fridays ago, (Dan's last day off) we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. We had so much fun looking at all of the sea creatures. Quinn loved the turtles and the sharks the most.

This is when Quinn saw one of the Aquarium employees diving in the tank to clean.

She thought it was a mermaid.

I loved this guy the most.

Sorry this pictures are all so bad. it is reaaaaallly tough to get a good picture in the dark and through glass!