Thursday, September 17, 2009

Labor Day

On Labor Day we went to my Dad and Annette's house. We had a feast of crabs,turkey burgers, homemade mac -n cheese, baked beans and more.

Quinn was lucky and got crab picked for her by her Grandma and Grandpa

Dad and Annette have this fountain on their deck. Quinn loves to play in it.
This time she played a little too much and got wet. We had to change outfits. Good thing I come prepared!
Quinn really has warmed up to Grandpa. Do you see her grabbing his ears?? That is what she does to Dan on our walks! haha
Quinn just loves the dogs. While there are two, Zelda and Zana, Quinn just calls them both Zana.
Here she was trying to hug Zelda and try to sneak in a ride!

Quinn sure does love her Grandma and Grandpa!

notice the card in Quinn's hand?? It is a Little Mermaid birthday card that my Mom sent me. It plays music. Quinn loves "her Ariel bookie". The car ride to Dover was filled with her opening and closing the card. It was lovely.
Annette made me my favorite birthday cake. (yellow cake with chocolate icing!)

I think it might be Quinn's favorite too!


emlizalmo said...

Great pictures! You really DID have a feast. Hmmm...what did we do? I think we had some frogeye salad. It's so great that she's warming up to your dad and Grandpa Temple. :)

mj said...

Sounds like a great time. I love the pictures of Quinn with the dogs. I'll bet she was soaked,don't they all love to play in the water?

Brielle said...

Okay I am way behind on commenting on your blog. Love the pictures! It looks like Quinn is a pretty lucky girl to have all these people who love her so much. I love the pictures of Quinn and your dad. And you were good, taking all the pictures at Britts, I had no idea you took that many. It was so good to get together. I wish I were closer to all of you.

Rich and Annette said...

Thank you so much for posting all these great photos.

Mom V said...

Looks like Quinn and Dan fit in the VonStetten love of seafood! It looks like Quinn really loves her grandparents and that they love her back just as much. I am glad that Quinn can also share the love of dogs!

Love you all...............