Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family Visit II

Friday night and Saturday, we spent with Dan's family. His Aunt and Uncle came up from Texas. We had a cookout on Friday and then went to the DC zoo on Saturday.
Quinn loved playing with all of the great toys at her Aunt Rachel's house in PA.
like this house

and baby stroller

and kitchen

me and my little buddy Jordan

My niece Michaela, looking like a model!Quinn at the zoo, just chillin!
and her crazy, tired parents!

Quinn was so cute sharing her food with Zoey!

We saw lots of cool animals too. Unfortunately, it was SO HOT and HUMID . We did cut the trip a little shorter than I would have wanted but Quinn was just getting miserable!

Family Visit I

This friday, Dan, Quinn and I went to my Grandma T's in Dover for the day. My Aunt Laura and her family were visiting from Washington state. I got to meet my newest cousin, Charlotte (4 months old). She is completely perfect. This was the first time that Quinn has met any of them and let me tell you, she LOVED Elsie!
here Quinn is wiping bubbles off of Charlotte
Quinn is so sweet, look at her gentle one fingered touch!

Boy Quinn loves her Great Grandma!

This picture is of Elsie and Quinn "taking a nap". Elsie told me that "little Quinn told her that she wanted to nap with her". How cute is that??
They played the piano together!

Quinn, Laura and Elsie
me and elsie
Look at that FACE!!!
me and the most perfect baby ever (besides Quinn) :)
...i love her...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

lookie here!

my walking girl

and my talking girl

more cute ones

Ok, so you are all probably tired of the pictures of Quinn outside, but I can't help it. She is just so fun right now and is LOVING the nice weather. We seriously spend most of her waking time out there, walking up and down the driveway, rolling her ball, sitting on a blanket and watching birds. oh, and EVERY animal that she sees is a "doh" (dog). It doesn't matter if it is a bird, deer or cat... it is a doh. The first picture is of how she kisses us. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth.. EWWW! but it seriously is so stinking cute. I love her little personality. She is completely interested in everything. Pointing is HUGE right now, she will point to anything and just talk about it in her own little language.

G&G VS visit

Quinn and I went up to Lancaster PA last Thursday to visit my Grandparents. We had so much fun. Quinn's favorite part was visiting with the ducks! I enjoyed it too until she stepped and sat in duck doo doo. :( That is why she is in two different outfits from the one day. At least I was prepared! She sure did love Grandpa's toy Huskey!

Friday, April 18, 2008

She can do it---

Yes, so it is finally time for me to announce that Quinn can walk. By walk. I mean without any support from a chair, hand or anything else. She can do it. Quinn isn't walking long distances but she can get herself up without pulling on anything and walk around for a little bit and then squat down. Her physical therapist has been saying that Quinn KNEW how to do it for a long time but was just cautious. Quinn has been able to support herself, walk assisted and squat up and down repeatedly very smoothly for a while. The PT said that most kids at least try to walk before they have half as much control. But alas, my little doll can do it. Congrats to you Quinny!

I don't have any clips yet but I will try to get some on here soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

and another...

I am completely loving the nice weather. Quinn is too. The other day we went out and had a little picnic. She was "wearing" this little hat that no longer fits her huge head. (which unfortunately is growing again) It is now in the 110% percentile. :( Anyway, look how COOL she looks, or should I say, she thinks that she looks!