Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stressed OUT!

ok, so I officially started 3 classes on Monday and then I am supposed to start two additional ones on next Monday... not so sure about that. Last semester, I took 5 classes also. But it seems like the work load was SO much less. Also, my little monster is SO much more active and demanding now. I feel like my desk looks like this right now:

I am so frazzled that it even took me three times to try to log in to here. I just needed to vent a little. The classes that I have started are :Business Stats, Accounting II and College Algebra. Did I mention that I am horrible in math and that I HATE fancy calculators?!?! Next week I am to start Economics II and a lovely Management class. I just want to be done with school so much that I think I might have over done it a tad. Well, at least because of all of the math involved. My brain just doesn't like to think about equations... at all. So after waking up early Mon- today to do work before Quinn woke up, working while she naps, and working Monday and Tuesday night after Quinn went to bed for about 3 hours, I am only done with Accounting for the week. I am 1/2 complete with stats and 1/4 complete with algebra. WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!

I look like this and it is just the third day:

I think that I might drop the only class that I was excited for (management). See I took Acct I and Econ I last semester so I want to remember info. And I need to take Stats this semester so I can take the next one ~next semester. ugh. That leaves me with Algebra and I need to take it so I can take stats this semester. So *bye bye* management. I will instead be taking 13 credits of MATH. :(

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Joy" and the FISHES!

My daughter has recently become SO independent. She doesn't want to be told what to do, be in the stroller or even hold your hand. I have always told myself that I would never be a "leash" Mother, but I am. I just didn't know what to do about Quinn's desire to run wild and not listen to me at all. I didn't want to just sit in the house or any other small and confined area. So I went out and did what any borderline-psychotic-mother would do... I bought Quinn a backpack/leash. I believe the appropriate term is "kid harness". No matter the name, it is a leash. Even though many may be looking down on me for "trapping" my daughter to be right by my side at all times, it has really helped her have so much more freedom.
I wanted to test out her new "toy". We decided to go to a local mall since we both are already covered in bug bites! yikes! Quinn had on her new backpack. I had the leash/tail of her monkey in my hand. We walked the ENTIRE mall without any problems.(a huge circle, one floor mall... over 1 mile!) She actually held my hand the whole time. (as soon as she tried to let go, I would stop walking and she would say "con" (come on) and reach for my hand. I think that she felt like a big girl, being able to talk to me and point things out. I wasn't constantly stressing out about if she was going to let go of my hand and dart across the mall, room, whatever and she wasn't yelling "eht go" (let go) at the top of her lungs. I think that Quinn could tell how relaxed and comforted I was.
Anyway, Quinn's new backpack (Mommy sanity tool) is a little monkey. She thinks that it is Curious George... she calls him "joy". It is so cute. While at the mall, we stopped in the Bass Pro Outlet store. Wow, they have the best store for little kids. There were moose, ducks (stuffed) and lots of fish (alive). All in all it was a WONDERFUL day for my little girl. She loves to explore and be treated like a big girl.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Wedding

This last weekend, our friends Tristan and Lisa got married. It was an awesome ceremony. The location was incredible. I loved having the water and boats all around. They got married at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.
This picture is just adorable to me. Tristan dancing with his Mom (whom we loooove) while looking at his new lovely wife!!

They also had a really neat idea for tables. Instead of numbering them, they named them after famous actors, directors, etc... We were at the David Lynch Table. They had little fact card on the tables. We had such a great time celebrating and dancing!

(Our friends Keith and Mel)
Mel just had a baby 4 months ago... doesn't she look great?!?!
Dad and Annette watched Quinn for us the whole weekend! It was wonderful for us to have some alone time. We went to the wedding, watched a movie in THE THEATER (which never happens), hung out with some friends and did some work around the house. Quinn had some separation anxiety... the WHOLE time. Thank you Dad and Annette!

New Found Love

My Mom bought Quinn this horse when she was about 3 months old. Needless to say, Quinn didn't really play with it too much. Then when she got a little older she was interested in it only when her little friends were over and they played with it. Now almost 2 yrs old, Quinn is officially in love. She will spend hours just sitting on it and brushing his hair. So cute!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Love her

So at the beach house we played charades. I love guessing but am completely horrible at acting. I think that I am too uptight to fully let myself go and get silly while acting. My Grandma T. is not. Enjoy!

Skater Princess

Quinn is just such an adorable blend of me and Dan. She is getting to be a big girl and I am in love with her personality. I must admit that she is totally testing every boundary right now but I still love it. (most of the time) Quinn tries to act so girly when it is just the two of us. She brushes her hair, plays with her purse, chapstick, sunglasses, hair clips... you name it. She is completely into clothes and shoes and hats. She is quite the girly girl. Then when she is around Dan, she tries to be tough. She wants to wrestle with him and play rough. It is just so fun to see the different sides of her personality. The other day Quinn really wanted to play dress up with me while Dan was at work. She had on her little Princess skirt and wristbands/bracelets. Then Dan got home and he opened his new "Slayer" skateboard that he got in the mail. Quinn was SO EXCITED. She just had to get on. She was so brave with it too. Dan put her on the board and held one of her hands and pushed the skateboard back and forth. Quinn had complete balance. WHAT A PRO! This made her skate/snowboarding Daddy so proud. Check out the video at the bottom! (on a side note, please excuse the mess in the den, it was a busy day!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

50th Anniversary

My Grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding Anniversary while we were down at the beach. Everyone was so excited for them. We had a secret dinner planned and we even brought Sally there to surprise them. To get my Grandparents to the restaurant, we told them that we were celebrating my Mom's birthday.
I just love my Grandparents so much. They are such inspirational people. My aunt Amy also posted on this wonderful evening here. The first picture is when Grandma and Grandpa first walked in. They immediately saw Sally and knew that it wasn't just a birthday dinner.

Aren't they just so cute together?!?!

Here they are reading letters from long lost friends.

Grandma and Grandpa are listening to their family tell them:

1. The greatest memory with them

2. The funniest memory with them

3. The greatest life lesson learned from them

I had a great night and even Quinn was pretty well behaved at the restaurant.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Hair

I have been letting my hair grow out for some reason. Don't ask why because there isn't a real reason. Anyway, it has been long, stringy and well just plain limp. I finally couldn't stand it any longer and decided to get it cut. I haven't had my hair professionally cut for probably close to 15 years. I bit the bullet and did it. I was so nervous. I made Dan go with me and offer support. He didn't quite get how big of a deal it was to me but he came anyway. Here it is and I love it. I am going to start going to this girl regularly, well I think. :) My hair feels healthy and so light. I LOVE IT!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

So I think they can dance...

One night at the beach, the family got a special treat. My crazy cousin Christy and my Grandma performed a "hip hop" dance that they choreographed themselves! Man, we were all laughing SO HARD! I love these two and all of their silly spirit!

This last picture was the best part of the dance. Christy picked up Grandma and spun her around. Then Grandma was supposed to gracefully slide between Christy's legs. HAAAAAAAH. So great. It was classic.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beach Posting. Theme: Quinn :)

This entire posting is just random pictures of Quinn. She really had a great time visiting with all of the family. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for giving us an opportunity for such great memories.
By the end of the trip, Quinn was completely pooped. We are still trying to get back on some
sort of a schedule :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beach Vacation

This last week was SUCH a busy time for us. Dan, Quinn and I went to Fenwick Island last Sat. Dan had to return to work for the week but Quinn and I stayed down there until the next Saturday. It was SO great to see almost all of my family. It was also my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary! I have many many pictures so I will try to post them in themes. This post will just be candids of some of the family.
Rich and I at the golf place
Mom and Rich- pro golfers
Me and Elsie (love this girl)
Quinn, in all her glory
Emily (monkey girl) and Annie Amy and Rachel had to try too!

Grandma and Quinny
My Studly Bro
Lizzy and Quinn Family Game Time Molly ~ being ADORABLE!
Dan and I (before he left and I was SO SAD)
Lizzy, Emily, Charlotte and Adam
Charlotte (cutest and happiest baby EVER)
Gunnar and a sleepy Elsie!