Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family band

Quinn looking adorable in MY DRESS from when I was a little girl!

hyper Quinn +worn out Mommy= long night!

Family Band!

The other day, Dan and Quinn were making SUCH great music for me!

Here are a couple clips that I just thought were so cute.

This is a clip of Quinn's new skill. Walking around the room!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet Sixteen!

So Quinn turned 16 months old and Dan and I decided to have a sweet sixteen party for her. We only got her one gift. She was so excited for it. We got Quinn a barbie. Now I know that she is young, but one of her older friends has one and Quinn LOVES it. So we got her one without any small pieces.

This clip is of Quinn DANCING! she Loves to dance

This is her: LOOK WHAT I AM DOING!!! SOO EXCITED -face

We have been working on climbing the stairs with the physical therapist. Unfortunately Quinn had a small fall on them the other night. She is 100% ok though so that is good! It was her first real fall. I think that it scared us more than her. (although she did have a good size knot for a night or two)


This is Quinn's new favorite play spot. Boy oh Boy how fun it is to play with DINO-MAGNETS!