Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Poor Dan. He never stood a chance against this little angel. Yes, it is official. Dan is putty in her hands. (well, most of the time). One day he came home from work and decided that Quinn should get to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I thought that he meant over the next weekend so I agreed. But he actually meant right then. We piled in the car and headed over. Man, Quinn was in heaven! We got our tokens and got on a few rides while we waited for our pizza.

Quinn's favorite ride was this horse. Not too much of a shocker there!
When we got our pizza, we headed over to see the "Entertainment"!

She was so excited. She called the duck "Daisy", the purple thing "Barney", and the dog "Clifford".
Then after we were out of tokens and finished our fine food, we decided to leave.
Quinn only had to ask once and we were headed there.
We went to the park. It is a good thing that it doesn't get dark until around 9:oo pm!


emlizalmo said...

Super fun night...and all with the golden sandles. :) Chuck-e-cheese is actually pretty great. Cheap rides, cheap (not so delicious)food. My guess is she'll be asking to go back pretty darn soon. :) Any plans to go to Disney World in the near future? She would FREAK out!

Lisa said...

I love this post. Quinn is a lucky little girl to have you two as her parents.

mj said...

Oh my gosh, you three have sooo much fun together. I love it. Pictures are great !!!