Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sandy Point State Park

This last weekend Dan, Quinn and I met Dad and Annette at Sandy Point State Park. It is on the Chesapeake Bay (right before the bay bridge). There are little playgrounds to play on, woods to hike in, and "beaches" to soak in the sun from. We decided to play in the sand and water for the day.
Dad and Dan played Frisbee

We got to play in the water. It was so nice and warm!!

The many different faces of Quinny (the one above this to the right is her "boil" face. While it is rare... watch out!

It was very sunny. Quinn got to wear Grandma's hat!

(notice the proud Grandpa in the corner??)

There is nothing better that pulling sand through your toes!

Quinn asked Grandpa to show her their Jeep. It looks so different from other cars. (You know, ones with tops and sides :)

Grandma and Quinn had a hard time saying bye.


Brielle said...

I just love that picture of your dad holding Quinn and smiling. It is priceless.

emlizalmo said...

I love the one with your dad in the corner. He looks so happy and in love with Quinn. :) What a fun place!

Lisa said...

Quinn has so many many people who love her. It's wonderful to see the smile she brings to everyone's face.

mj said...

These pictures are great !! I love the layout too. Quinn sure looks cute and hot.