Thursday, July 9, 2009


The other day Quinn went to the dentist for the first time. I knew that we needed to take her, but with every other doctor appointment, it sort of got pushed back.
Here she is in the waiting room:

Once we went back, Quinn was able to pick out her own toothbrush from this HUGE drawer full.

She picked a fairy firefly sort of snow globe toothbrush. It has glitter inside that moves when you shake it and it glows up for one whole minute! Quinn seriously thought that she hit the jackpot.
She wasn't so sure about the chair but when it started to move, she told me how it was like the Merry-go-round. She also wasn't too sure about the light either but the dentist gave her cool sun glasses to wear. I didn't get a picture of them. :(
Quinn's teeth and gums are perfectly healthy! She is currently getting in two molars (which I could have told you from the crabbiness!) The dentist thinks that Quinn's two front teeth are damaged from her simply being premature and not from a high temperature or from all of the antibiotics like her pediatrician thought. The dentist told us how many preemies simply don't grow healthy, whole and fully enameled teeth. So we are hoping that her adult teeth are fully covered in enamel. If not, it would be easy to cover.
Also, we found out that Quinn will most likely need braces or some sort of corrective assistance for her teeth. See, I always loved her teeth. They are perfectly close and in a straight line. However, that means that she won't have any room for her big teeth and that there will be lots of crowding. Humph, we didn't think about that before.


mj said...

I am so glad that you are documenting all these wonderful experiences. Love,love,love digital cameras !!! Can't wait to see you !!

Rich and Annette said...

We are so happy to see Quinn in the big girl chair and doing so well. As Dad said yesterday and we repeat it shows that you work with her each day! Quinn wouldn't be so far along if it weren't for great parents like you and Dan! Love you all,

emlizalmo said...

Way to go Quinny girl! We LOVE the dentist around here.:) Thank heavens. It can be a nightmare if they don't or so I hear. :)