Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dan's 33rd!!!

Wow. Dan turned 33. He is OLD! hehe just kidding. He does claim to feel like an old man all the time though :) For his birthday, he wanted to go on a road trip. So off we went. We weren't sure where we were going. All we knew was that once Dan got off work on friday, we were heading to the inlaws to drop Quinn off and then we were heading out. Dan didn't get off work until around 8:30 pm. :( But that didn't stop us. We dropped Quinn off and visited for a little. Then we decided to head out on our trek. Dan decided to do some googling on his phone while I drove north and west. He decided that he wanted to go to Scranton, PA. We wanted to find things from our favorite tv show The Office. Dan and I joke a lot about how we were kind of like Pam and Jim. (for anyone that watches it)
Anyway, here is our trip.

(ignore the nostrils, I just liked the reflection in my glasses!!)
It took us a long time to drive. The first night I finally stopped around 3am. We woke up on Sat around 8:30am and continued on our drive.
Finally, in the afternoon on Sat, we arrived in SCRANTON!!!

There was a whole tour of everything that Scraton had to offer that was related to the Office. We decided to skip the tour and try to find stuff ourselves.
This is a church that is in the intro.
This is in the intro to the Office too, we think. It does have history though. It is the real paper company that the Dunder Mifflin company was based on, not the characters, just the company.
This welcome sign was in the mall.
They had huge cut outs of the characters. Kinda cool, kinda creepy. Scrantonions really get into the Office.

Here is the headquarters for the tour. Fun to look at but we didn't really want to be stuck on a tour for 6 hours.

Can you see the Dwight in the elevator? This is still in the mall.

This was the outside of the elevator doors. (some Office humor)

While Dan and I were off exploring Scranton, Quinn was playing with her cousin "kayla".

Look at the moves!

These girls are buddies!

They both LOVE putting on puppet shows!


emlizalmo said...

That sounds so FUN! Dave would love driving around looking for little Office artifacts. :) What a great thing to do for Dan's birthday...jsut the 2 of you. :)

Lisa said...

You guys have the best time together. It's wonderful. I love, love, love the pictures of Quinn dancing or spinning. Love her shirt too. What a beauty.

Jon and Amanda plus 2 said...

I LOVE THIS MICHELE! We never miss The I can totally understand why this trip would be such a's now on my "to do" list =) Loved the pics.

mj said...

What a great idea. I love the office as well. The photos of Quinn twirling are to die for. She is such a precious,happy little girl. Oh, I loved your other post about smells. They really do bring back memories,don't they ? I have so many favorite smells...I think I will make a scrapbook page of them (maybe with a close up of the old schnoz) What do you think ?