Thursday, July 30, 2009


I love BBC. I honestly think that I could watch and get hooked on any of the shows on BBC America. I like Antiques Roadshow, Bargain Hunt, You Are What You Eat, Torchwood, Doctor Who and now Being Human.

I really like Doctor Who. A LOT. I even own the first four seasons. (of the remake)

There is going to be a new Doctor soon though. I completely understand that it happens. After all, David Tennant is the tenth doctor. I just love his facial expressions and think that he fits that part perfectly.
This is David Tennant.
This is the new guy, Matt Smith

He is my age. 26! He is the youngest Doctor ever. I am not so sure about him. What is up with his Flock of Seagulls hair? I understand that the Doctor is eccentric but come on.

Lastly, a new show on BBC America called Being Human is destined to be a favorite of mine. It is about a ghost, vampire and werewolf that share a flat together. (perfect for me since I love anything vampire right now) It is a nice change from the romance of Twilight (and horrible acting) and the over the top shock factor/mature visuals in True Blood.

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emlizalmo said...

You and Rachel...loving that British humor! :) Funny what you said about Twilight. I got it at the Redbox the other night and convinced Dave to give it a whirl with me. The acting and the lack of blending on the makup had us laughing the whole way through...well...1/2 way through at which point we both fell asleep. I guess I'll just stick with the books.