Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Day

We woke up last Thursday and realized that we were out of our favorite thing in the world; blueberries! We managed to eat all of the berries that we bought at the Farmer's Market in just 2 days. So we decided to go and pick our own. I didn't realize that there was a blueberry farm so close to our house. It was only a 30 minute drive!!

When we were pulling out of our driveway we found this little guy in the road. It has been raining so much recently. I imagine that the stream in the woods behind our house is flooded.

As we pulled away we also saw an egret or heron. I am not sure which one it was but I do know that it sure didn't belong in my neighbor's tree. It was so bizarre to see it flying away... in Baltimore.

Here Quinn is at the blueberry patch. She still doesn't like the grass too much.

Notice her Dora bucket?? She was so excited. However, once we got there Quinn decided that she didn't want to pick anything.
She wanted to pet the farm's guard dogs

and play with sticks.
Even if she is a little young, I want us to make a tradition of doing this. It is great for her to know where all of the yummy food comes from. We are actually out of blueberries already, hmm.... maybe we can go this weekend!?!?! (we ate 6lbs worth in 6 days!)
Later on, we decided to light off a few fireworks. Quinn loves them. She wasn't scared of the big loud sounds at all.


emlizalmo said...

Mmmmmmm...nothing better than fresh blueberries. And the anti-oxidants! Woohoo!

mj said...

Love the blueberry pictures. Remind me to show you a picture of Tracy at a blueberry patch when she was about Quinn's age. We used to go every year...sometimes( well, most times) it was so hot we thought we would die !!!!!

Lisa said...

I love blueberries too. Found a store here that sells them for 99cents a pint!! Yum, yum. They remind me so much of the beachhouse and Grandy.