Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blessed with Love

She makes me so happy. I just love her. I am proud of her. I want to remember her like this forever. It makes me sad that she is growing up. I know that that is the whole point, but it still makes me sad sometimes. The other day Quinn had an appointment with her new ENT. It was at GBMC, the same hospital that Quinn was born at. (have I ever mentioned that I LOVE that hospital??) After the appointment, Quinn and I went to the restroom to wash lollipop off of her hands. I pumped the foamy soap and immediately started crying. I felt like a lunatic but I couldn't help it. See, the soap at the hospital has a distinct smell. A wonderful, beautiful smell. It was the same soap that Dan and I had to scrub with from fingernail to elbow daily for over a month.

I think that it is so incredible how smells can hold such powerful memories.

It is also incredible how when I told Dan that I cried in the bathroom after the appointment, he immediately knew that it was the soap and competely understood.

We have been completely blessed and I know that we will never forget it.


emlizalmo said...

I love this Michele. Smells do amazing things for your memory. I'm sure you were flooded with images of your tiny, frail baby. Of your immense love for her. Of your gratitude that she is healthy today. What a blessing. I love you.

Lisa said...

I love this post, Michele. Smells can take me so many places. That and sounds. The other day I heard a bird and instantly I was in Nitro. See you soon. Love you.

Christy said...

I love sll of your recent posts!! Quinn is adorable! This entry made me cry... I'm so glad Quinn is doing so well. She's so lucky to have you and Dan as parents<3