Sunday, October 5, 2008


Can you believe it? I sure can't. I just remember so clearly when we welcomed our love into this world. While I must admit that it was the so scary, I wouldn't have had it any other way. We were blessed... completely blessed. Our daughter is a fighter, a miracle. This first picture below was the very first picture taken of Quinn. I didn't get to see her for 9 more hours. In Quinn's first year of life she had some trials. She was in the hospital for a total of 35 days between her time in the NICU and when she had pneumonia. Quinn and I visited her wonderful doctor almost once every week for check ups or shots. In Quinn's first year of life we bought our first house and made our home.

These two were from Quinn's 1st birthday party. When Quinn was 1, she still couldn't stand on her legs, crawl (she WAS commando crawling though) or even sit up without support. I vividly remember having to use her boppy at her birthday party. A month after she turned one, she got assessed for physical and speech therapy. She has been going ever since!
Now Quinn can walk, jump, climb stairs, DANCE, sing, sign, TALK UP A STORM and more. She is our fighter, she is our miracle. I find myself looking at her sometimes just admiring her. She is so little yet so strong. She is so happy and beautiful. She is already opinionated and willful. I know that she will become an incredible woman and for that, I am proud.

Quinn's favorite things:

*bounce her pink princess ball in the driveway. * play tag. *knock on something with her hand and make Mommy kiss her boo boo. *Dance Dance Dance. *sing to any and everything. *have tents. *cuddle under blankets. *give sloppy/slimy kisses. *rough house with Daddy. *anything to do with trains or cars. *purses. *earrings. *DRESS UP! *watch Diego. *make animal noises. *WATER! * color. *help Mommy clean up. *eat cheese! *hug her bunnies.

So at 7:15 pm tomorrow (10-6), think of Quinn and all of her wonder!


mj said...

I remember we were eating at a Chinese restaurant when yuor Mom called in tears, telling us that Quinn had been born. We were in shock and so worried about you both. I can hardly believe what that little girl has been thru.As you said, she certainly is a fighter.But what you didn't say is that you and Dan are real fighters too.Your whole family has absolutely amazed us.I know that you are so blessed to have each other and God's special gift to all of us ,Quinn Lily Ondra. Happy birthday,sweetheart.

emlizalmo said...

Happy birthday Quinn. We love you so much. You are so cute, so funny, so strong. <3

Brielle said...

I love what Mary Jane had to say it is true you are all fighters and are all strong. Quinns story always makes me emotional. She is a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday!

Mom V said...

Wow - what I can I say after Great-Grandma?!?! Quinn, Michele and Dan have been through, in 2 years, more than most of us go through in a lifetime.
Not only did you have the emergency c-section, but you moved out of your apartment the day Michele was released from the hospital. Bought your 1st house, Michele went back to school, Dan started a new job. The Ondra's have been busy.

Like Mom, I am so glad that Quinn is part of this family and love you all very much!

Jim and Reenie said...

She is a singer like you were when you were little. First thing in the morning you would be singing your little heart out. And it sounded beautiful. She is a blessed little girl and you and Dan are also blessed to have her. We feel privileged to know her and her potential that is never ending. I love you little Quinny.
Your Great A. Reenie

amandajonalissa said...

2 Already!?! Time goes so fast...TOO fast when it comes to kids! I can't believe how long Quinn's hair is! - it makes her look so much a "big girl". It's a beautiful color...gorgeous.

Lisa said...

I did think of her and you and Dan all day on the 6th. I remember her 1st birthday party. She has grown and developed so much in this past year. She is a real treasure. Love you three.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Quinn!!! You are amazing! Has it really been two years? WOW. She is so big and her long hair is beautiful.. she's beautiful. She has the sweetest little smile and her personality radiates even photos. I am so happy for your family and you guys are so strong to have gone through the trials that you have - you are an example to me. I miss you and love you and give Quinny big hugs and kisses from Emma and I :O)