Saturday, October 4, 2008

Break for Cuteness!

I have been SO COMPLETELY busy with my school work this week. I had 3 midterms, ugh. Anyway, each night when Dan got home from work we would eat dinner and then I would shut myself in the office and study. One night I heard a knock at the door and this is what I found:


Christy said...

Oh gosh, how cute is this?! Darling.

Dad & Annette Von Stetten said...

What a nice surprise and on a skate board - how clever! Quinny is a cutie - love to hear her talk! :-) Love, Grandpa & Grandma Von Stetten, DE

emlizalmo said...

Man, she is all about the dressing up, huh? I love it. She knows she is freaking adorable.