Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Party 1 and Party 2

Quinn had a total of 3 birthday parties. (spoiled, I know). The first one (on the 5th) was with her Grandma and Grandpa VS, Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Rich. We all met at Uncle Rich's place. Grandma VS made Quinn a cake! She loved it and made quite a mess :) Quinn's second party was just with Mommy and Daddy. We celebrated on her birthday. We opened her gifts and ate left over cake from the day before!


Mom V said...

Quinn seems to be wearing her beautiful necklaces in most of these photos. How neat that she likes jewelry. The picture of her with the ball pit is so cute. She looks very excited. Did she get to blow out the candle on the cake Annette made? Looks yummy!

laurag said...

Man, that little girl of yours is loved so much. I'm so glad she partied over and over and over for her special day.