Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Party 3

Quinn had her last birthday party on the 11th at our Aunt Jean's house. We had so much fun. All of the kids dressed up. Quinn started out being a Princess Fairy. Then she became a bee. Can I tell you HOW MUCH I LOVED HER BEE OUTFIT?!?! oh my gosh, I think I took hundreds of pictures. so so so cute.

We had facepaint!

Then we opened gifts

Dan and his sister!

Then we headed back outside for more fun. There was a slide, a wagon, balloons, a pinata, cupcakes and two big boxes that they turned into houses.

Check out what they did to this box. They even made curtains. How cute?!?


Dad & Annette said...

It sure looks like Quinn was having fun. I love the bee as it really is her - buzzing around! We are so Blessed to have her in our lives!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele! Uncle Jim has just spent about an hour teaching me how to do this, that is find your blog and so I shall hope that this sticks with me. It was really fun to see what a neat party Quinn and you had and all the fun things you did. We look forward to seeing you all on Nov. 2. Grandma

Mom V or DeeDee said...

I love these pictures. We did have fun. I don't think the kids even noticed the bugs or heat. Wonder why..... Quinn was such a great princess/butterfly/bee. She is adorable as anything!
Love you all

Christy said...

Wow, I don't know if I've ever seen her look so cute!! I LOVE that bee outfit so much. She's so adorable!

laurag said...

You gotta do the bee - could she look any cuter?