Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pah-kin Picking

This past weekend we took a break. I took a break from studying. Dan took a break from work. Quinn took a break from being cranky. We all went to pick out our pumpkins! (or a Q calls them Pah-kins)

First I have to tell you that Quinn was officially introduced to pah-kins in her play group. We examined them and talked about all of their wonderful characteristics. Then we sang a song about them to the melody of "If You're Happy and You Know It".
It goes like this:
Hey there Mista pah-kin, how are you?
Hey there Mista Pah-kin, how are you?
You're short and round and fat and you where a funny hat (ha ha or clap clap)
Hey there Mista Pah-kin, how are you????
Seriously, Q is IN LOVE with this song. She knows all of the gestures and runs around the house singing this lovely tune. Anyway, you would have thought that we were the best parents EVER! Q was SO excited to have her very own Mista Pah-kin. We planned on keeping them all outside but she has to visit hers every few minutes so he is in the kitchen on her play kitchen. Isn't that where all pumpkins go?!?! :) Anyway, we probably picked up 57,000 different pumpkins at one time or another. Finally we settled for 3 very cute and little (and short, round and fat) pumpkins. Then we ended our trip with an attempt through the corn maze.


Jim and Reenie said...

I'm so behind at looking at Q's pictures. But they are great. What fun in the pumpkin patch. Her b-day pictures are so cute. Her little bee costume is the best. And can a child look cuter in pig tails? No they can't!!!! I love you Michele,Dan and little Quinny.
A. Reenie

Brielle said...

I love the look of such excitment on Quinns face with the pumpkins. Living through children make holidays and things like this so much fun! Love all her birthday pictures.

Christy said...

Man, she looks so grown up! Her hair is long (and adorable!). It's so great that she loves pumpkins so much and that she knows a song about them! How cute. Can't wait to see you guys..

april kennedy said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I actually have checked you out before. I have seen you on Brielle's and I believe Amy's blog. I think I have you figured out to be the daughter of Jim's brother who married Mary Jane's daughter....am I right?

I think there are many of us that have amazing and emotional birth stories and when I was preparing for Blake's delivery, I could not find one book to read that was not clinical. I wanted real life stories. So, I wrote my own hoping one day it might help another family out, a family that might be searching for what it will really be like....that although it might be tough...it can still be beautiful!

Thanks, too, for sharing your sweet story. Keep in bloggy touch!