Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The one class that I really wanted to get in to, I was on a waiting list for. I was number 10 when I registered for it. I just checked it and I am enrolled finally! Yippy! It doesn't take much for me to get excited now-a-days :) I will take anything.

While I do use this blog to vent and post my concerns; I want everyone to understand that I know that we are completely blessed. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't truly appreciate my husband and my daughter. I am glad that we are together and completely in love with one another. I adore my husband. I am madly in love with him. I also couldn't have picked a better spirit to be my daughter. She is completely incredible to me. While I know that she is only two, her soul seems so much older sometimes. (and then there are times when she acts like a 2 month old!!)
I guess this post is just to let you all know that I am not going to be in the dumps forever, I am not getting depressed, and to tell you sorry for all of the "downer" posts recently.


emlizalmo said...

I personally feel that you should be able to say anything you want on here. Anything. This is your life. I certainly go through weeks where I am just off a little, but I feel like I still need to write. Nothing you ever say will change how much I KNOW you love your cute family, your life. They...and YOU...are wonderful. :)

laurag said...

Michele, I appreciate your honest entries. It t's a reminder that you're a real person with a real family and real trials. Plus, it makes us feel good too if we're able to give you any advice, know what I mean...since you give us such great advice too. It is nice though amidst lots of crazy things , to take a step back and recognize how much is going right in our lives too. You are so blessed. We love you Michele. Congrats on the class and can't wait to see the car.

Jon and Amanda plus 2 said...

I always appreciate your posts Michele! It helps me know more specifically how to pray for the unique needs of your family.

And for real...I've been so "Debbie Downer" (ever seen the SNL sketch?) in a TON of my posts. I think sometimes venting on a blog is good for the soul!!! =)

Praying for your Princess. Alissa has been holding her #2s in b/c she's had some issues with painful bowel movements (TMI...I know). But I know how heartbreaking it is to watch them try so hard NOT to go b/c it hurts. It's the worst thing.
I pray her UTI clears up FAST!!!!!

Mom V said...

Michele - you and your family have more than a normal share of difficult situations and you, Dan and Quinn always seem to hold it together and get through them. You are an inspiration to me! I love you and thank God that you are my little princess!

Lady said...

Michele - I am glad that you recognize all your blessing in spite of all the difficult things you have been thru and are going thru now. I think recognizing those blessings makes it easier to endure our trials. I love you.