Friday, January 16, 2009

Cute, CUTE, Cute

I just love my little monkey. We went to her group this week. We have been missing it due to doctor appointments and Christmas break. She loves group and I want things to get back to normal. We are both happy with normal. At group today we were singing "Wheels on the bus". When it got to the part of "the Mommy on the bus goes Shh Shh Shhh" Quinn looked at me and said "thas you Mommy, thas youuuu". haha
We finally bought her a big girl bed too. When Dan was putting it together she was screaming "happy hap-pyyyyy" over and over again. She thanked Dan (on her own...) for about 5 minutes. So cute. So now she feels grown up. Actually, I feel grown up too. I mean, when I had Quinn I felt like an official old "MOM" (and after just turning 24 a month before HA!) but now that she is talking, walking and more importantly expressing herself/feelings/interests; it is a whole new situation.
So I suppose that this is just a rambling of thoughts but I am really proud of who my daughter is. I want so badly for her to live a normal life, a simple life. She is on her last day of her antibiotics and she is still crying when she goes potty, every time. She actually woke herself up screaming last night when she went. It makes sad. It seems like the antibiotics aren't working.
So there are some new Mommy/Quinn pictures.


mj said...

Can't believe Quinn is old enough for a big girl bed.Aren't these milestones wonderful?? These pictures are great!!! You look absolutely beautiful as usual.T I love this blog,it makes me so happy when you enter a new post!!

Christy said...

Those are some SERIOUSLY cute pictures!!! She's adorable=) And you're gorgeous!

Lady said...

Quinn is one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen. I can't get enough of these pictures. They actually really remind me of you in those new facebook pictures you posted of you when you were little. Same face structure and smile I think. You were so cute too!!!!

emlizalmo said...

Yay for playgroup! It makes them so happy. :) Loving the pink hat and the pictures of the 2 of you. SO CUTE!