Tuesday, January 13, 2009

pickle snowmen and football

We have been enjoying this football season a lot. The Ravens are doing really (unexpectedly) well. This Sunday we play the Steelers for the AFC Championship I believe. Rich loves the Steelers and I used to be a Steelers girl before I got married. Dan even got Quinn a small "official" jersey of Todd Heap! Dan has a Ray Lewis Jersey. In the picture below I was wearing the Ravens Quarterback's (Joe Flacco) jersey from when he was in college. He went to University of Delaware!! Isn't that all the more reason to love this team?!?! With a rookie quarterback from UD!

Quinn has been feeling better too. We finally have her on medicine that she isn't having a reaction to. She is still a little out of it; not her usual self but I know that she is getting rid of her infection and that makes me happy. She has been drawing and coloring a lot recently. The other night I was in the kitchen making dinner, Dan was on his way home from work and Quinn was in the den drawing on her Aquadoodle. (coolest thing ever!) She ran in the kitchen so excited and was yelling this foreign language. She was so excited that I couldn't figure out what she was saying. I did hear "c'on, fall me" ~ come on, follow me~ So I went in the den and this is what she was so excited about. She had the biggest smile and said "Pickle Snowman". haha. Isn't she cute?? It really does look like a perfect pickle snowman. I just love her up! Notice the buttons and the scarf?? She did this all by herself!


Lady said...

Wow - a budding artist! I am glad she's feeling better and what really could be cuter than a girl in a football
jersey wearing a large formal Sunday hat? I LOVE it!!

I asked Richie if you all were allowed to watch the game together this weekend. He said - No Ravens fans allowed!! Good luck. I hope it doesn't cause any non-repairable family strife! :)

mj said...

This is adorabe.Her snowman is amazing !!!!What a sweet little girl. I'm so glad that this med is working. Please keep us posted.

O family said...

Britt~ Dan said the same thing. Dan took Rich to the Steelers/Ravens game here last month and the Ravens lost so Dan decided that Rich is bad luck for them!! hehe. This is going to be a BIG game!! I am so excited!

emlizalmo said...

Heck yeah! That's totally a snowman...made of pickles. :) Quinn you are so cute. I am so glad you are feeling better. Hope the game goes your way. :)

Mom V said...

Quinn is probably the cutest Raven's fan. I love the fact that she still added the frilly hat so she could be girlie. Her pickle snowman is lovely. I know she knows what a snowman looks like since seh watched both Frosty and Rudolf at least a zillion times.

Go Quinn!!

Lisa said...

Cute snowman. I love the aquadoodle too. What a cool invention. It's even a good score keeper, except the scores keep fading. :-)Glad Sweet Quinn is on the mend.