Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quinny poo

I will post about Christmas soon.

Due to Quinn's inability to keep her new antibiotic and therefore any food/liquid down, we have taken her off meds. We are getting her culture back tomorrow and hopefully the doctors will be able to find an antibiotic that 1. will work and 2. she isn't allergic to. So lots of laundry, lysol and down a cashmere sweater and an area rug.

Where we stand now:
***We got her culture back and we are trying her on the first antibiotic again. We are hoping that the rash was a symptom of her stomach virus and not an allergic reaction. I am keeping a close watch on her and hoping not to see a rashy/itchy baby. So far, so good. I was informed that if this doesn't work, we could try her antibiotics through an iv. I am not too keen on that. Quinn's urologists (Buffy and Dr. Mathews) are talking all of this over with her otolaryngologist (Dr. Tunkel) about maybe being able to give her a little bit of Benadryl so that we can get this infection treated before it becomes an infected bladder and kidney. ***

On a cute note though~
Quinn loves chicken nuggets. She used to only get soy ones. She still does most of the time but sometimes we just get the cheap frozen nuggets from the normal grocery store. Anyway, Quinn calls them "chicken necks". It is so funny to hear her ask for chicken necks. No, she has never eaten a chicken neck (does anyone??) but boy it is adorable.


Mom V said...

Quinn is such a trooper. She is definately a fighter. She seems to have to fight for every step forward taking into account all the steps backwards! What a wonderful special little gift that Heavenly Father has entrusted into the care of Michele and Dan. There are MANY others that simply could not handle this difficult road taken. I am so proud of all of you and love you very much!

mj said...

I agree with Mom V. The chicken neck thing is so cute,and yes,my Grandmother used to eat chicken necks. We went to see them every Sun. and had chicken almost every week.They raised them,i guess that's why.My g-mother ate the neck,my gpa ate the liver, and I ate the heart. YUCK !!!!!

laurag said...

Man, that little girl doesn't let anything stand in her way of being happy and enjoying mean chicken necks...MICHELE what are you giving your little girl!! :) kidding!

Lady said...

I love the story about the chicken necks. Aren't kids cute? Ainsley loved KFC and called them chicken bones. She would ask if we could have chicken bones for dinner. I was always explaining to people that I didn't ACTUALLY give her the bones.