Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Post

Christmas Eve we decided to have Quinn open all of her gifts. She was so excited. She fell IN LOVE with her new little trinkets. So CUTE! We really could have only spent about five dollars on her and she would have been thrilled. When she opened her new clothes she set them aside and matter-of-factly said "no tank you". haha What a trip. On Christmas Day we went to Dover to my Grandparent's house. It was fun, food, family. What more can you need?!? We spent the night there and got to play games and just hang out. It was a wonderful day. And if you don't know, Quinn is absolutely in love with Annie, my little cousin. She calls her Mickey for some strange reason. The day after Christmas we went over to Dad and Annette's house. We had a lot of fun there too. Annette made us an awesome breakfast of French Toast and bacon and eggs. I unfortunately started to feel a little under the weather so I was quickly worn out. We had a great time visiting with Dad, Annette and Carol (Annette's mom). On a side note: Quinn LOVES Dad and Annette's dogs. When we leave there she always talks about "Zarna". I think that she thinks that there is only one of them. They actually have two dalmations. One named Zelda and the other Zana. :)


emlizalmo said...

These are such great pictures Michele! I love that little people are so easy to please on Christmas. :) I think that we as adults are the ones who let it go overboard. I love seeing Quinny and Annie have such a great relationship. Mickey really is a pretty great girl. :) What was Quinn's favorite gift of all?

mj said...

We had a wonderful time with you this Christmas. We love to be with all of you ! Thanks for being here AND the bathroom !!!!!

Jon and Amanda plus 2 said...

Great pics!
I laughed pretty hard at the "no tank you" comment =)

Your dad's dogs are so cute...I can see why Quinn is so fond of them =)

Oh...Annie is on our list for girl's names! I've loved that name forever. I just fear having another redhead...and then having her hate me for that name!!!!
But that's neat that you have an Annie in your fam =)

Anonymous said...

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