Monday, January 19, 2009

First Impressions

So Quinn's Urologist and I have gotten to know each other really well over the last month. We have talked one the phone for hours at a time. She knows a lot about how I parent; no soda, sugar (unless natural... like in fruit) and I like to make all of Quinn's juices myself. I try to give her as much healthy food as possible. Yes, there are times when she gets unhealthy things (like chicken necks, hehe) but I try to keep that at a minimum. She also knows how I will suffer thru a headache for days before I take any medicine. I attempt to not give Quinn anything with unnatural food dyes. I try to do organic everything (unless we are short on cash). I try to keep my body, and Quinn's, as healthy and pure as possible.

While getting to talk to Buffy (the Urologist), I made a visual image in my head as to what I thought she would look like. I imagined a tall, slender blonde (not sure why blonde... but she was) that was dressed well and very up with fashion. In my head she was preppy and smart, the total package.

Well, we finally met the other day.

We were both a little taken back. Buffy is short and wild looking. Too smart to worry about fashion, make up or even blonde hair. I actually commented to Dan about how she was not at all what I expected. Not that Quinn's doctor's appearance matters in the least, but it was just weird how I created a completely different person in my head.

Well, the other day Buffy and I were on the phone coming up with our next game plan for Quinn and she (out of no where) said something like... "I've got to ask you if your hair color is really that dark". yeah right! I chuckled and told her that I wished it was natural. She then went on to tell me that when she first saw me she was taken back. After all, how could a Mom that even makes her on juice, Popsicles, and soups dye her hair?? How could a Mom that tries to keep her daughter on soy or vegetable everything wear makeup?? How could a Mom that doesn't take medicine unless absolutely necessary have black hair?!?! I told her that even super Moms like to look nice! hehe. She wasn't negatively judging me. She just did the same thing that I did.

It was strange to think about what you put off about yourself from a phone conversation, well... many long phone conversations. I thought that she was preppy and she thought I was a hippy. I guess that there are worse things that I could be portrayed as.


mj said...

Oh,Michele, this is sadly so true.We sometimes(really all too often)judge without having the slightest idea about the other person. Your preconceptions about each other were not correct,but they were certainly not negative. I think of the times that I have not judged others kindly and really regret that. I know that's not whyy you put this on,but it just made me think. Thanks.

emlizalmo said...

That's so funny. It is so easy to make quick snap judgements. Sometimes funny, sometimes not so much. I've tried so hard over the last few years to know someone first. She sounds like a great doctor. Maybe she secretly IS a tall, skinny blond. :)

Christy said...

This is so, so true. I often find myself doing this with people on the radio.. I always picture them so differently than they are! When we watch American Idol we cover our eyes and try to guess what the people look like by their audition.. pretty entertaining!

Lady said...

I found your post funny and refreshing. It reminded me of when I was about to go to college. I was assigned a roommate from LasVegas. We were advised to write a letter to our roommate and introduce ourselves. We both wrote letters but neither of us sent pictures. Her letter said she was a National Merit Scholar - said she didn't play sports - it may have said she was a team manager and a few other things. I thought she probably wore glasses, no make up, probably an over weight nerd.

My letter said I played hockey and basketball. I can't remember much else but she thought with a name like Von Stetten - and living on the east coast I was probably a private school snob.

So funny huh? We were totally wrong about each other and were the best of friends.