Monday, September 29, 2008

What a sight!

Quinn had her first M&Ms this week. Can you tell how much she LOVED them?!?! She was holding them in her hand, taking a lick, and then holding them tight again. Guess the colors????
(on a side note, Quinn LOVES wearing my socks. I think that it kind of look like she is wearing UGGS)
Yellow and brown

Also, we later had some fun in a wonderful TENT!


Lisa said...

The m&m pictures make me smile. She has the VonStetten/Temple sweet tooth. Michele, I love these cute pictures you put on your blog.

mj said...

She wouldn't be part Temple if she didn't love M&ms.I think it is quite classy that she wears her hat wilst eating her treats.

emlizalmo said...

She is a SIGHT! Gosh, I love you guys so much Michele. I really do.