Saturday, September 13, 2008

Group and Soggy Shoes

So this week Quinn's group started back up. It is every Friday. I was prepping her all week. Boy, she was excited. On Friday morning I did my usual: wake up early to study, get Quinn washed, fed and ready to go. I had to take a shower myself also. We did the normal routine with Quinn running around the upstairs while I shower with the bathroom door cracked so I can hear any foolishness. Well, Friday was different. Quinn was so excited for her group. She kept on yelling at me "c'on" (come on) and "ehts gooooh" (lets go). She was pacing... in the bathroom. Then I heard her make some form of commotion and then yell "SHOOOOOOOOOE". At that moment, I had my tennis shoe thrown in to the shower with me, on my left big toe to be exact. She was so excited to go (and thought that I was taking too long). She decided to help me out by giving me my shoe, except now it was soggy.

Quinn Dancing with Excitement!
Quinn had to make sure that the door was "cloh" (closed).

I know that you are thinking, what a lovely purse?? Well, yes it is wonderful and no, she wouldn't dare go to group without it. She is already a DIVA. (also Amy, notice the pants?!?! THANKS!)


mj said...

what a riot. It is wonderful that she enjoys her group so much.Her purse is to die for.

Anonymous said...

Now she's driving too? Wow! Working, driving, soon she'll have her own apartment.What a cutie.
Love, A. Reenie

Lady said...

I love how they really get persistent about what they want. She knows Mommy needs her shoes to go so she was just saving you a little time!

Christy said...

Her hair in pigtails is sooo cute!! I love it! And her dancing.. doesn't get much cuter!

emlizalmo said...

I want to hug her. I love that she is so thrilled about her playgroup. Like you had time to waste...taking a shower. C'mon Mom, HURRY!

Lisa said...

Quinn has such a cute personality. I LOVE the purse. It's fun to see what means the most to our kid, what their treasures are.