Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Company Picnic time

Dan's new company had a picnic this Sunday. It was at Sandy Point Park and I just LOOOOOVE that place. No where else even comes close to it for me. There are lots of playgrounds all around for Quinn. There is a nice size woods with hiking/biking trails for Dan. There is salty sea air and a little mini beach for me. I just LOVE it. Anyway, I took these shots of my baby while we were there. Sorry if there are too many, I just love them all


Mom V said...

These pictures are GREAT. Quinn is a munchkin! Huggable, squeezable and kissable. Can't wait to see her again and do all of those things!

Love you all

Lisa said...

Quinn has the most beautiful face. Really. Love her.

mj said...

Never too many....not enough is more like it. She is an absolutely beautiful little girl.