Tuesday, September 30, 2008

one orange necklace.

The other day Quinn and I were at Walmart. They had these little play necklaces for a dollar. I had to get them for her. There was one pink, one purple, one blue, one red , one green and one orange one. Quinn was in love. She wore them around the house, during her nap, during dinner and actually the rest of the night. When Dan came home, she ran up to him and was yelling "Neck- ehs, neck-ehs" and told him each color (over and over again). She was so proud. Well, a little later Quinn decided that her Elmo doll needed one of her neck-ehs. She handed Elmo to me and the pink one. She kept on saying Elmo, pink neck-ehs. Then Dan told her that he wanted one. She thought long and hard. She smiled and said "or- ran" and proceded to put the orange necklace around Dan's neck. Then he said to Quinn "Elmo has a pink necklace and Daddy has an orange but who doesn't have one? Mommy! Go give a necklace to Mommy". Quinn thought for a long time, looking at Elmo, Daddy and then her remaining necklaces. When I say a long time, I mean for about a whole minute, looking back and forth. Then she did the funniest thing, she took back Dan's necklace and gave it to me! We both started laughing. She still had a blue, green, purple and red around her neck but couldn't give them up. So I had the orange and asked Quinn to give a blue one to Daddy. She shook her head and said "or-ran" and took it away from me and gave it back to Dan. We tried many times to ask for different colors but she just couldn't part with them. The rest of the night Dan and I shared one orange necklace and Elmo got to keep his pink. We see where we stand :)


emlizalmo said...

That is so, so funny! I am almost crying right now. I would have laughed right in her cute little face then hugged her until she popped!

Mom V said...

Michele - I am so glad that Quinn is a girlie girl at least with repsect to jewelry. How funny. I wonder if she has shared any others with you by now?

mj said...

She is so ,so cute and generous. I guess you are lucky you got one to share. I can just see her trying to decide how she could share without giving up one. So cute.

Jim and Reenie said...

These little ones are so smart. But I just love watching them and wondering what they are thinking. I just wish I could get in there little heads and hear what is going on. Obviously alot about those precious necklaces. And she already have some favorite color choices and I guess orange isn't one of them. ( :
Love you guys,
A. Reenie