Monday, September 29, 2008

Sticker Rewards

We were having a lot of problems with Quinn. She was misbehaving all of the time. Everything seemed to be a challenge. So we decided to make her a sticker rewards chart. Every time she lets us brush her teeth (used to be HORRIBLE!!) or her hair or is good a the grocery or whatever, she gets a sticker. Quinn gets so excited to get her sticker and put it on her chart, which is on the fridge. Then we count how many she has and jump up and down with excitement. Well, we decided that once she has 25 stickers, she gets a prize or something. With the first 25 stickers, Quinn got a new stuffed animal bunny from Old Navy. SHE LOVES IT! Her second set of 25, we took her to The Rain Forest Cafe. Everyone, you MUST come and visit me and go. There is seriously a rain forest that you just so happen to be eating in. There are mechanical elephants, monkeys, birds, insects and more. There are tropical fish and a real water fall in the cafe too. I must say that I didn't really enjoy the food too much... but Quinn had such a great time. Here are a few pictures, they didn't come out too well because it is so dark in there.
The clip is crazy with sounds. It is like a jungle in there, literally. :)

I have to add also that it the animals go off one at a time about every 5 minutes. So you eat, then watch the monkeys, then eat and watch the elephants... etc. Then once every half of an hour, it storms! There is thunder and lightening and ALL of the animals go nuts. That is what is in the clip. As you can see, Quinn and I both were a little overwhelmed!


mj said...

Stickers are really great bribes.I would love to see you both jumping up and down.I've got a great idea...for her next 25 bring her to see great grandma.That way I could take her shopping,and let her pick out her own Bday gift. The only problem is that we go to WVa a week from this Fri. --get back to Dover on Sun,and go up to spend the night because uhe plane leaves at 6:30 am for Provo for a week then to Tacoma for another week.It will be lots of traveling,but I;m really excited.

emlizalmo said...

WOW...I totally want to go...there AND for crab pretzels. :) That sticker thing is a great idea! I may have to institute that here...with our fiesty little 2 year old. :)