Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beach Vacation

This last week was SUCH a busy time for us. Dan, Quinn and I went to Fenwick Island last Sat. Dan had to return to work for the week but Quinn and I stayed down there until the next Saturday. It was SO great to see almost all of my family. It was also my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary! I have many many pictures so I will try to post them in themes. This post will just be candids of some of the family.
Rich and I at the golf place
Mom and Rich- pro golfers
Me and Elsie (love this girl)
Quinn, in all her glory
Emily (monkey girl) and Annie Amy and Rachel had to try too!

Grandma and Quinny
My Studly Bro
Lizzy and Quinn Family Game Time Molly ~ being ADORABLE!
Dan and I (before he left and I was SO SAD)
Lizzy, Emily, Charlotte and Adam
Charlotte (cutest and happiest baby EVER)
Gunnar and a sleepy Elsie!


laurag said...

These are so great Michele, I'm going to have to get copies of them all sometime. Seeing these all though is making me SAADDDDDD b/c I miss the beach and each of you sooooooo much. It was VERY hardcoming back to WA. This year at the beach takes the cake for me for being the best year. I love and miss you guys.

emlizalmo said...

Miss you. :(

mj said...

I hope this gets thru...I made a comment on the other set of beach pictures and for some reason it didn't go thru. These pictures are wonderful,be sure to put themon Wal-mart.

Lady said...

These are great pics Michele. Looks like everyone had a great time. Richie is so handsome. I like his USS Bataan shirt. And I can't get over Adam. He really thru me. He looks so much like Tony and nothing like I remember him when he was 3 or so. Thanks for letting us take a peak into your fun family time.