Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aunt Carolyn's Birthday!

This weekend Dan, Quinn and I went to celebrate Aunt Carolyn's BIRTHDAY!! It was great to see everyone. Quinn had a wonderful time running around the house and trying to break stuff! haha

Aunt Carolyn blowing out her candles!
Quinn and Aunt Reenie!!! 2 of My Favorite Guys EVER!
We tried for a cute picture but Quinn wasn't having it!

Grandpa and Aunt DebbieAunt Reenie and Grandpa


Anonymous said...

Wow! Michele I'm impressed Sunday party on the blog already. It was a fun day and I loved spending time with little Quinn what a doll baby she is. She is quick too! But so far you and Dan are quicker. (:
It was a nice party. I love you,
A. Reenie

Brielle said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the B-day party. It was really nice to see everyone. I really wish we could of have come. It is hard to live far away sometimes.

Anonymous said...

What a fun time! I love the photos, thanks for posting. I really am bummed that I am so far away and miss all these get togethers. Quinn looks as cute as ever and I love her dress... Old Navy, right? I almost bought it for her but decided not to last minute because Emma has a couple dresses already and I need to save up for fall clothing.

Lady said...

We miss this party every year. A. Carolyn's birthday always fall on the week Dan's family has their reunions. Looks like a fun day and your pictures are really good. You got some good ones of my mom. I need to get some good ones of her before she leaves me for a year and half and head to Africa.