Thursday, August 14, 2008

Love her

So at the beach house we played charades. I love guessing but am completely horrible at acting. I think that I am too uptight to fully let myself go and get silly while acting. My Grandma T. is not. Enjoy!


mj said...

Oh my gosh, I look like Sally!!! What a talent I have. WOW

emlizalmo said...

She is so hilarious! I could watch her act out charades all day long...NO JOKE!

Brielle said...

I love your grandma, she is so funny. You always make such great memories when ever she is around. Sorry I have been slacking on the comments. I loved the pictures from the beach. It sounded so fun. It brought back memories of when we went with you and rich when we were younger. It was a good time. I also thought what you guys did for your grandparents and their anniversary sounded awesome.
Oh I LOVE YOUR HAIR. It looks soo good on you. The color and cut are great. I have always wanted that color of hair but I would look like a ghost.

laurag said...

Oh mom...why do you always do that pull you fingers out of the other hand thing?? I don't even think that symbolizes anything, you must just think it looks really 'charades' worthy...hehe. I think we have footage of you doing that the other year too. You are though pretty darn good at the acting, did you ever do any plays? And Michele, that's hogwash!!! YOu are about the best actor we've got! This is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Love that lady. She just happens to be my best friend. I miss her.
Thanks for sharing. Oh! She doesn't really have any concern about what she looks like to others and never has. All you have to do is go back in her history and there are more stories than could fill a book. (: Such as the limping girl getting on the bus. Do you know that one? Well she limped off too. haha! Ask her about it. (: Love you, A. Reenie