Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stressed OUT!

ok, so I officially started 3 classes on Monday and then I am supposed to start two additional ones on next Monday... not so sure about that. Last semester, I took 5 classes also. But it seems like the work load was SO much less. Also, my little monster is SO much more active and demanding now. I feel like my desk looks like this right now:

I am so frazzled that it even took me three times to try to log in to here. I just needed to vent a little. The classes that I have started are :Business Stats, Accounting II and College Algebra. Did I mention that I am horrible in math and that I HATE fancy calculators?!?! Next week I am to start Economics II and a lovely Management class. I just want to be done with school so much that I think I might have over done it a tad. Well, at least because of all of the math involved. My brain just doesn't like to think about equations... at all. So after waking up early Mon- today to do work before Quinn woke up, working while she naps, and working Monday and Tuesday night after Quinn went to bed for about 3 hours, I am only done with Accounting for the week. I am 1/2 complete with stats and 1/4 complete with algebra. WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!

I look like this and it is just the third day:

I think that I might drop the only class that I was excited for (management). See I took Acct I and Econ I last semester so I want to remember info. And I need to take Stats this semester so I can take the next one ~next semester. ugh. That leaves me with Algebra and I need to take it so I can take stats this semester. So *bye bye* management. I will instead be taking 13 credits of MATH. :(


Anonymous said...

Oh Michele, just reading your blog stressed me out!! Perhaps you did overdo it a tad. I always hated math and was never really good at it. You have my respect for trying to tackle all that and my sympathy. :-)Aunt Lisa

emlizalmo said...

Oh man! I need a Xanax. will do great. You are amazing. :)

laurag said...

Oh Michele, I'm so sorry. I"m sorry you're having to drop the one class you really want. But, the silver lining is that when you do actually take it, you'll have a lot of these lame-o classes done with so you canreally enjoy it. I feel your pain girl. I think you are very wise though to drop something. I wish I was there to help out in some way.

Lady said...

Good luck Michele!! I don't envy you - I am HORRIBLE at Math! And I would love for you to come visit while Dan is gone. I'm sure the girls would love to play and anything I can do or look forward to would be a blessing in my life and make the time pass quicker!

mj said...

Oh my goodness !!!!! That's all I can say.How you will do it I don't know, but I also know that you WILL do it.It was wonderful to be with you this summer. Happy, happy, happy.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing woman. You will do it and somehow get everything else that needs to be done done. Good luck. I love you,