Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Talking girl

Quinn has started to really talk, a lot. Who knows what she is saying but it must be really important! Love this little girl. She amazes me every day with all of the new things that she can do.


Brielle said...

Loved the video. I loved how she was just talking away and no one was talking back to her but that didn't stop her. It is fun to watch them grow and change.

emlizalmo said... are you not laughing and bouncing around trying to film this? She is SO cute! She's really serious about what she has to tell you, huh?

laurag said...

Every accomplishment she makes is like a little mini miracle. Congrats on the talking Quinn!

O family said...

yeah, I have a bunch of clips with us encouraging her to talk but I thought that this one was cute since she was just rambling away!