Monday, March 31, 2008

Little Ones

Quinn looks so much like Dan to me in this picture. Wasn't he adorable?!?!? Oh and notice the cape that his Grandmother O. made for him. What a little Super Hero!

People tell me ALL of the time how much Quinn looks like him.

What do you think??


laurag said...

These are great. Dan was such a cutie and hello....that one of you and richie in the play house is one of my all time favorites. I think Quinn is the perfect belnd of you two.

Brielle said...

I have to agree with Laura. I can see Quinn in both of you when you were young. I think she is a really good mix.

Anonymous said...

There are other pictures when you were smaller that I think Quinn looks more like you. But yes she does look like her Daddy too! You and Rich were too cute.
Love, A. Reenie

Dad & Annette Von Stetten said...

Quinn really is a GREAT mix of the two of are super parents and you can see the love! I really think the purple outfit is so cute on her and so glad that it fit. Thanks for sharing the to all of you.

emlizalmo said...

The perfect mix, that's what I think. Her eyes look like Dan, her round puffy (dare I say...chubby?) face looks like yours did as a baby. I just love her. LOVE the cape too!